Contact Center Leaders

Contact Center Leaders

Provide high-quality customer service and support with contact center and CX tools designed to deliver results. Reduce cost per resolved contact and increase operational efficiencies.


Keep your customers, your team, and your C-suite happy

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, keeping up with customer needs is a constant challenge. Balancing contact center performance expectations with customer satisfaction puts pressure on agents and managers, which can lead to high turnover and lackluster results. [24] combines 20+ years of contact center expertise with industry-leading conversational AI technology to empower customer service professionals. Make it easy for customers to get things done, improve agent satisfaction, and drive end-to-end efficiency for bottom-line value.


Empower your people to drive better CX outcomes

For brands and contact centers serving any industry, a laser-like focus on customer experience (CX) is key to ongoing success. Take your CX management strategy to the next level by blending the best of AI with agent-side tools designed to help your teams shine.


Improve CX with AI plus HI

Think agents and automation should have two distinct workflows? Think again. At [24], we play to the strengths of both machine efficiency and human insight to make every interaction better. Automated prompts, quick responses, and added context help agents get more done with less effort. When automation gets stuck, agents can step in and help with seamless escalation. We use agent responses to automated interactions to update AI models in real time for consistently better customer experiences plus cost management.

Unlike most vendors, which specialize in either contact center operations or technology, we have deep expertise in both. Our industry-leading AIVA technology is built on 20+ years’ of working contact center knowledge and success. AIVA combines advanced deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) abilities with patented intent prediction to guide conversations for efficient, effective resolution. When agents and AI work together, everything works better.

Achieve extraordinary ROI


First contact resolution


Sales conversions


CSAT increase


Years’ experience excelling in contact center operations

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[24] is redefining how artificial intelligence, human insight, and deep vertical expertise can produce personalized, satisfying customer experiences. Our advanced conversational AI platform predicts consumer intent to create frictionless interactions that strengthen relationships and increase brand loyalty. Our significant contact center expertise enables us to deliver natural, consistent conversations across all digital and voice channels driving greater operational efficiencies. Whether you choose our SaaS platform, agent services or a managed service for your business, [24] is your trusted partner.

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