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Asynchronous Communication - Future Technology of Messaging

Transform your contact center, reduce costs, and keep customers happy by adding asynchronous messaging tools to your customer service strategy.

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Reimagine customer communication

Millions of consumers around the world use messaging every day—not just to keep in touch with family and friends, but also to connect with brands. Adding asynchronous messaging tools to your contact center transforms the customer service experience and puts consumers in control of the conversation. With [24] Engagement Cloud, you can support asynchronous communication across popular messaging platforms such as Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger in addition to traditional channels like web, native mobile app, SMS, and voice.

[24] Engagement Cloud makes it easy to build content once and deploy it anywhere—and our unique messaging platform automatically adapts it to suit each channel. The AI-powered automation and agent console you’re already using to support your website or native app can be used for messaging entry points as well. Plus, you can include rich visual content to simplify complex interactions and improve the user experience. [24] multi-channel messaging technology combines our operational expertise with industry-leading tools to truly transform the customer experience and increase back-end efficiency.


Text message systems for business — the end of starting over



Text messaging is the easiest way to stay connected, which is why it’s time to bring your contact center up to speed. Digital messaging for business communication gives customers their time back by letting them “park” a message at their convenience and then return to the conversation—minutes, hours, or days later.



Our unique messaging platform automatically adapts content to suit each UI environment—for example, quick reply buttons in Facebook Messenger are shown as text options in Apple Business Chat because it doesn’t support this feature. Be in more places at once without having to create more content.



Take advantage of industry-leading AI to make automated exchanges feel human. Start every messaging interaction with a smart bot that can authenticate users, resolve common queries, and process simple transactions. For complex interactions, the chatbot can do the pre-work like collecting customer details before escalating to a live agent to continue the conversation seamlessly.



Connect your existing chatbot and agents to any messaging platform using our open channel RESTful APIs. Making the move from real-time chat to asynchronous messaging also requires a mindset shift. Empower your agents with new skills training and a fully integrated, purpose-built asynchronous console so they can work smarter.

How text message systems for business help agents?


Increase productivity

Letting agents manage multiple interactions in their own time puts agents in control and drives efficiency. Messaging’s asynchronous nature improves outcomes by letting agents focus on accuracy and quality when responding to consumers—not just speed. Plus, it makes managing contact center spikes easy as you can spread out the work without restaffing.


Maintain context and history

Unlike chat, which deletes timed-out conversations, messaging preserves the thread on both the agent and visitor side—and on any device. Whenever a consumer re-starts the conversation, any agent can see that history and pick up where the last agent left off. You can even build out profile and reference notes for future use.


Enhance interactions with AI

Reduce customer support costs, deflect from higher cost channels, and empower your agents with the best in intelligent automation from [24] Predict what consumers are trying to do, prioritize urgent queries, and prompt agents with quick responses. Bring interactive content into the conversation with Active Cards to get things done even faster.

Open channel API

Tap into pre-built channels today and stay future-ready tomorrow with [24] open channel RESTful API for third-party integrations. Add new channels anytime and connect seamlessly with your virtual or live agents.

Stats on mobile device usage and technology applications - SMS, Facebook Messenger, What's App

Put your customers in control

Let people engage with your brand however they want, wherever they are.

Apple Messages for Business for iOS Devices

Maximize your customer reach and engage consumers with rich visual content on their iOS devices. Add Apple Messages for Business to your channel strategy and let visitors launch iMessage conversations directly from Safari, Search, Maps, and Siri, or suggest text chat when they’re about to call.

Apple Messages for Business

Create Connections that Matter with Google’s Business Messages

Deflect calls from the top global search engine by offering a messaging button right there in the results. Take advantage of rich Business Messages features such as live carousels and photos, and prompt users with suggested replies so they can tap instead of typing.

Google Business Messages

Chatbot Integration for Facebook Messenger

Meet your customers where they are and make it easy for them to connect with your brand. With over 2.5B active monthly users and more than 20B messages* sent between consumers and businesses, Facebook Messenger is the place to be.


Facebook Messenger Display

Automated Business Messages in WhatsApp

Reach your global customers on the channel they prefer most—with over 2.5M monthly active users. Enable secure communication with end-to-end encryption.

WhatApp Display

Preserved Context Across Channels

[24] provides cross-channel messaging to maintain a single conversational thread with history and context—available anytime and on any messaging channel. This makes it easy for consumers to pick up right where they left off, even if it’s been a while.

Journey Continuation Display

Why [24]

Successfully deploying asynchronous messaging tools in your contact center requires a carefully crafted strategy and deep expertise in customer experience, agent needs, and technology. At [24], our experts know how to help you make the most of the tools you have, prepare your operations team for a successful roll out, and make life easier for your customers.



Decide where to begin

Start by understanding what devices, channels, and platforms your customers are using so you know which messaging app and entry points to deploy first.


Create satisfying experiences

Don’t just add messaging to check the box—make sure you can completely resolve key customer issues and journeys within that channel before you launch.


Prepare your contact center

Make sure your agent console has everything they need to manage asynchronous chats and train your team in this new mode of communication.

Leading US cable television provider Dish Network partnered with [24] to adopt Google Business Messages in early 2020, and achieved extraordinary results in a short period of time.


improvement in customer effort score


improvement in resolution rates


decrease in average handle times


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