May 29, 2019

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions: Save Money and Improve Customer Service


Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Solutions are Key to Customer Service

Despite the growing popularity of digital channels, call centers remain a vital component of any company’s customer service offerings. In the U.S. alone, phone calls are still the #1 channel used for customer service and support, edging out email, live chatchatbots and even social media.

It makes sense – if you have an urgent problem or request, you want it resolved right away, and no other customer service channel can provide the instant peace of mind you gain from speaking with an empathetic human agent.

The problem is, call centers are costly. The reason companies have been so focused on adding digital channels is to deflect customers away from pricey phone support, and while it has helped offload some costs, call centers will never go away.

What’s a company to do? Provide call support around the clock? Most can’t afford that. Provide support only during peak hours? Your customers won’t appreciate that, and in this day and age, upsetting them can cost you. Numerous studies have found that poor customer service costs companies billions – yes billions – each year, not only from lost business, but from word of mouth. One customer’s bad experience can now spread like wildfire and prevent others from even considering doing business with you in the future.

For most companies, the best way to balance costs with customer expectations is to outsource their call center services to a trusted vendor.

When online self-service fails, 75% of customers escalate to more expensive channels.
~ Forrester

Why Outsource Call Center Services?

Adding [24]7 Agent Services into your customer service lineup offers your organization a number of benefits:

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Reduce costs. We’re committed to ensuring we help reduce your cost per contact, cost per conversion, and overall cost of service to realize incredible savings year over year. Our results speak for themselves:


increase in NPS for a leading US telecom company in 2018


increase in sales revenue over two years for a leading Australian telecom


in savings over 3 years for a leading satellite radio provider

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Improve customer experience. Our agents embrace your brand, becoming ambassadors who are as committed to helping you realize success as your employees. We recruit perfect-match agents, and offer ongoing coaching to ensure we help you consistently overachieve results.


24/7 support. The days of asking your customers to call back during regular business hours are over. With our outsourcing solutions, [24]7 Agent Services, you’re able to extend your call center hours so your customers can get the assistance they need any time, day or night.

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Exceed your business goals. The right company will align to your goals and work hard to meet or exceed business expectations. From day one, outperformance and alignment to our clients’ priorities has been part of our DNA. All [24]7.ai agents are trained for advanced digital environments, including teaming with AI for faster resolution. This means we can help you serve more customers in less time.

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Seasonal support. The holidays are typically the busiest time of year for call centers – easily handle an increased call volume without overwhelming your agents and scale back during slower periods. We’re ready when you are.

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Uncover new opportunities. Once you’ve realized savings using agent-based support services, you might want to consider adding AI into the mix to further boost results. No matter what amount of AI you’re after, we can help you find the optimal balance that will save you money without sacrificing service.

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Experience you can trust. We have over 18 years of experience managing and offering core call center outsourcing solutions and hold best in class retention across verticals (96.5% digital chat agents / 95% voice agents). We’re also consistently rated a #1 vendor among our customers compared to other vendors.

For the best customer experience, choose our call center outsourcing services. Learn more about [24]7.ai Agent Services.

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