Work from Home Agent Solutions

A seamless customer experience will benefit your business during these uncertain times.


Business continuity amidst a global crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has the whole world reeling and grappling with a new reality. During this unprecedented time, we have taken measures to enable business continuity for our clients and employees, through our work from home agent solutions. Our solution is resilient, responsive, and robust.

[24] has the capabilities and resources to be your trusted partner and support your requirements, not just during these trying times, but in the future as well. We are committed to ensuring your business operations stay on point. 

Key benefits of our model

Flexibility for Employees and Clients

Ensures flexibility in recruitment and managing volumes.

Safety of Agents

Working from home enables agents to self-isolate and reduce the spread of the virus, ensuring their safety and that of the community.

Agent Satisfaction

Employees are able to maintain a good work-life balance.

Business Continuity

Enables business consistency throughout the lock-down situation, ensuring seamless service for our clients and customers.

Access to Workforce

Agents continue to be accessible to our clients' customers and all business requirements can be handled during this crisis. 

Easy Agility

By employing work from home agents you will have access to an agile talent pool with around the clock availability.

Around the Clock IT Support

24/7 IT and helpdesk services are available to agents and to you. 

Virtual Programs

All our training and development programs are customized for virtual delivery. 

Keeping Up the Spirit

Employee engagement activities are conducted regularly across different platforms. 

Performance management framework

The [24] framework focuses on ensuring consistency when delivering critical KPIs. We leverage an automated and centralized performance management tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for agents, supervisors, and managers.


Performance management framework

Security and data protection

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, [24] was able to move early and quickly to adopt a successful work from home (WFH) model with minimal disruption. We worked closely with our customers to help them with risk monitoring, and measurement and mitigation strategies across their end-to-end value chains. Our governance framework is helping companies address and manage complex and multiple stakeholder needs. Security and data privacy are essential part of our BCP plans. To protect our clients’ security, we constantly adapt to technology, monitor risks and threats, and comply with international regulations on data privacy.

Prerequisites for WFH Agents

All our work from home agents are required to have a distraction free and secured workspace, excellent internet speed, and acceptance and adherence to workspace guidelines. 


Checks and balances


Workspace compliance to prevent:

  • Impersonation
  • Usage of digital media
  • Usage of writing material
  • Presence of unauthorized person
  • Unauthorized location change

Desktop compliance to restrict:

  • Browsing social sites
  • Uploading data on unauthorized sites
  • Accessing CRM without a need
  • Unauthorized entitlements usage

Collaboration tools to assist:

  • Team huddles and coaching
  • Live monitoring
  • Engagement activities
  • Connecting with Helpdesk

Productivity governance to track:

  • Login adherence
  • Break management
  • Schedule adherence


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