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A seamless customer experience through our virtual call center agent solutions will benefit your business.

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Stay safe, secure, and connected

Remote working has reached new heights as a result of the global pandemic. Give customer support agents best-in-class work from home (WFH) tools and practices to enable business continuity. Weather major global events, natural disasters, seasonal fluctuations, promotions, and other unexpected changes. Establishing a virtual call center/contact center requires a robust and resilient framework for everything from recruiting and hiring talent to ensuring data security. As a top-notch contact center leader with global experience in asynchronous messaging and chat, [24] knows what businesses need to make the WFH model work for your BPO agents.

Call center with a proven work from home (WFH) model


Expand Your Options

Increase your access to talent with virtual recruiting, hiring, and training, and let employees maintain a work-life balance more easily. Plus, you can create new opportunities for homemakers, retirees, and others looking for flexible employment. Boost satisfaction for customers too—because happy agents do better work.


Stay Connected Virtually

Whether you’re responding to a major event or entering a new market, putting proven processes in place to vet, onboard, and engage employees using cloud-based tools and platforms helps to maintain vital human connection. Keeping your team engaged remotely also boosts agent productivity, satisfaction, and retention.


Increase Business Agility

Moving beyond the traditional contact center allows you to easily adjust to fluid staffing needs due to things like seasonal spikes and promotional events. It starts with empowering your remote workforce with tools and technology to serve customers better while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards.


Boost Operational Efficiency

Enables business consistency throughout the lock-down situation, ensuring seamless service for our clients and customers.

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Best practices for virtual call centers

[24] has been running contact centers for over 20 years. When the pandemic struck, we moved quickly to protect our employees, communities, and clients with WFH solutions. We understand what it takes to succeed in terms of people, processes, and technology.

Having a virtual interview with the WFH agent

Hire Smarter

Customer service starts with people, which is why hiring is so important. Streamline the process and identify the best candidates with automated digital assessments for language proficiency, technology competencies, and emotional intelligence. Conduct interviews via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom.


Virtual agents getting virtual training

Accelerate Success

Onboarding, joining, and induction can also be done via Zoom. In addition to virtual introductions and application training to reach proficiency faster, use biometric face registration scanning to ensure agents are the only ones accessing sensitive systems and information. Be sure to include engagement platforms and activities so they know they’re part of a team.


An agent participating in a development program

Equip the Home Workspace

Make sure virtual agents meet some basic requirements, such as having a high-speed internet connection and a space where they can work free from distractions. Next, you need to send them a desktop or laptop computer that’s equipped with security features including multi-factor identification, facial recognition, and encrypted data.


An agent participating in a development program

Coaching and Development

To meet your business goals, it’s important to support ongoing learning and development. This can include online coaching and classes or group training activities. You can even make it fun by gamifying the process with interactive apps, virtual reality, and community events. Don’t forget about management—train your team leads and trainers to drive CX excellence, too.


Work from home agent enjoying his work

Ensure Quality Service

Meet with your WFH teams regularly to set goals, assess performance, and reward good work. Smart AI-powered tools can help identify opportunities for improvement, and AI detection technology can keep agents productive by making sure they stay focused on their work. Our industry-leading Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) global operating framework forms the foundation for standout performance.

Virtual call center agents are connected virtually

Keep People Connected

Creating a strong team culture is vital for morale. In the absence of a break room to chat with colleagues, set up regular online engagement activities to keep your WFH team’s spirits up. Meet your agents where they are with a dedicated messaging platform for contacting team leaders and a 24/7 helpdesk to show they’re valued and supported.


Performance management

We focus on ensuring consistency in delivering critical KPIs. We support continuous learning through multiple platforms, including virtual learning sessions and gamified apps. Our innovative supervisor as a leader coach program empowers supervisors to manage performance, engagement, and goals. A single line of command builds high-performing teams and closes the gap between an identified coaching need and improved outcomes. And our automated performance management tool serves as a one stop shop for virtual contact center team leaders.


Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) framework

We employ our unique ACE framework to consistently deliver results. Key ACE components include holding monthly goal-setting discussions, using analytics to manage agent behavioral quotient (BQ), and keeping teams engaged with regular group activities. We create a culture of coaching through virtual training sessions, plus agent incentives and recognition. To support success and drive better outcomes, we provide a performance management playbook and make it easy to centralize control with our all-in-one tool.

Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE)
Security and Compliance

Security and compliance

Ensuring customer and company data stays completely secure is a core component of any call center work from home (WFH) framework. Be sure to follow stringent standards and protocols, including:

  • Secure access controls
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypted communication
  • Device software lockdown
  • No local data storage
  • Industry standard inline connections
  • Strict whitelisting protocols
  • Controlled internet access
  • PCI/DSS and ISO 27001 compliance
Security Framework


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