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Responding to COVID-19 Together


Communication is critical for rapid deployment in times of crisis

During a crisis, the need for customer service doesn’t slow down – in fact, it increases. Communications between businesses and customers have never been more important. We understand that our customers operate in critical industries and uninterrupted service is vital. [24] has invoked business continuity plans to ensure operations across our contact centers and Customer Engagement Platform are up and running. Our experts are available to help your business do the same with work from home call center capacity and automated self-service options with conversational AI, messaging, and voice solutions.

…again – remarkable things your team is doing. It is very humbling to see. We are grateful. Thank you.


— Scott Loftesness, VP Operations, Citi Retail

Great Job! [24]7, for the tremendous job that you guys did in spite of the lockdown. You were able to ship systems, set up WFH for the team, and also start delivering results, which is great.


— Bill Lee, Associate Director, AT&T

In these difficult times, what you guys have been doing to help us with various suggestions to improve, have not gone unnoticed. We have to call this out again and again that everyone in our organization appreciates the contributions of [24]7. We are calling this out during our internal calls. You are the partner whom we look up to, for sailing through these difficult times.


— Director, Vendor Management US-based broadcast company

Contact Center Automation

Even though we are not yet through this crisis, we are beginning to see the framework for how we must all operate in this new world. Companies must consider how to increase the use of automation and messaging to reduce the strain of voice calls into their contact centers. Highly- concentrated contact centers must balance their operations between different geographies. And it is essential that every company develop new onboarding, performance management, technology, and security practices for a distributed workforce.

In a recent LinkedIn article “Customer Service Continuity and Lessons Learned During the Covid-19 Pandemic”, [24] CEO, PV Kannan shares how we were able to quickly activate our business continuity plans and outlines key recommendations for contact center leaders to action:

  • Digital Channels and Automation Have Never Been More Important – learn how to introduce messaging as a primary channel, automate FAQs, or enable Voice-to-Messaging to divert callers with a self-service bot or a live agent.
  • Geo-balancing of Capacity is Critical – even AI and automation technology need humans, read how PV Kannan suggests spreading agent capacity across different geographies and how distributed data centers ensure redundancy.
  • Contact Centers Must Evolve – balancing automation, AI and HI is more critical than ever, PV Kannan shares the operational challenges ahead and ideas on how to overcome them including implementing automation like visual sharing, or issuing webcams for remote monitoring, reinforced security practices and new management processes.

Ultimately, contact centers must become much more automated and flexible in terms of how they deliver services.