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AI and Human Intelligence to Enhance CX

Transform the customer experience by bringing together the best of AI-powered automation, machine learning, and human intelligence.

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Blend human intelligence with AI

In the realm of customer service, we often think of agents and automation as having distinct workflows. Advances in AI have made it possible for machines to do many things that humans simply can’t, but good customer experience will always have people in the process—whether an agent is the preferred channel or a customer is escalated to one when automation gets stuck. That’s why at [24]7.ai, we don’t believe the two should be separate. We use AI to deliver state-of-the-art automation as well as to support our agents in every interaction. To deliver the satisfying experiences that consumers today expect, we combine human and artificial intelligence to play to the strengths of each, control costs, and make interactions better—for customers, for agents, and for your business.

While many vendors specialize in either one or the other, [24]7.ai has deep expertise in both agent-side success and AI innovation. We’ve been running contact centers for over 20 years, so we understand what people need to do their best work. Our industry-leading AIVA technology is built on this understanding. AIVA combines the best deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) abilities with our patented intent prediction to guide conversations at each step. AIVA supports agents in the background of every interaction to make them more productive and create consistency across channels. And we use agent responses to AI interactions to update AI models in real time for consistently better customer experiences. When agents and AI work together, everything just works better.

What AI can do for people

Even the best-trained agents need a little help—and the right technology can make a big difference to how well they serve customers. An intelligent support bot can make the agent’s job easier by automating simple tasks, suggesting relevant responses, and simplifying complex processes.

New agent onboarding often becomes a CX bottleneck. To streamline the process and save time, we automatically analyze the best performing agents’ interactions and use that analysis to create rich training materials for new agents.



Get a head start

Beginning digital and voice interactions with a chatbot that can ask open-ended questions, process responses in natural language, and collect basic customer information puts agents in a better position when they pick up the conversation. Accelerate resolution and reduce average handle time (AHT) with seamless handoff that includes the full context.


Streamline interactions

Prompting agents with personalized, relevant responses speeds up interactions and makes life easier for chat and messaging agents. Automated quick replies on the customer side save time and effort, too. And pushing interactive AI-powered content such as payment forms, product comparisons, or terms and conditions is more efficient than explaining content—either verbally or via text.


Handle greater volume

With the number of consumer devices, channels, and touchpoints constantly increasing, blending live agents and automation makes it possible for brands to be in more places at once—and manage more queries without driving up costs. Meet your customers where they are with a smart bot that knows when to hand-off to a waiting agent.

What people can do for AI

All AI technology improves with human input. We build our agent-AI interactions so the responses and steps agents take to reach resolution are used to provide immediate feedback for our models. This continual improvement loop helps reduce pain points for agents and boost satisfaction for customers.



Make more of your data

Mining agent chat and voice transcripts helps us automatically identify new customer intents. With collaborative tagging, agents can add their unique insight to further refine customer journey and intent models. Agent and voice data can also help build social models to give your bot personality, which makes automated exchanges feel more human.


Supervise self-service

When a bot gets stuck, confused, or runs into an intent it hasn’t been trained in yet, an agent can step in and help get the conversation back on track. Once they’ve clarified what needs to be done, the bot can take over again—and the customer never needs to know. This helps prevent escalation and increase containment.


Keep getting better

Machine learning helps automated platforms enable ongoing improvement—the more data you feed it, the smarter it gets. At [24]7.ai, our AI technology is built on 20 years of contact center data and agent experience. Where possible, it learns from every interaction. That means human insight is infused into process automation at every step.


The AIVA conversational AI difference

Unlike most vendors that approach AI and machine learning solutions from a purely technical standpoint, [24]7.ai started out managing contact centers and has a deep understanding of customer intent and resolution. This knowledge combined with state-of-the-art AI libraries and tools forms the foundation for our AIVA technology—which makes a real difference. AIVA is uniquely able to strike a balance between bots and agents, with interactions passed seamlessly between the two for the best possible experience and outcomes.

Our AIVA technology underlies every [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud interaction. From automating conversations that feel natural, to empowering digital and voice agents with the best tools, to optimizing digital media campaigns and more, AIVA drives superior experiences and operational efficiency at every touchpoint. That’s why the world’s most recognized brands trust us to make customer engagement predictive, personalized, and as easy as possible. It’s also why we've been recognized as a leader by the analysts that enterprise experts look to for guidance.

The AIVA conversational AI difference

Analyst recognition

Learn more about what analysts are saying about [24]7.ai.

  • Ovum Logo

    Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution, 2020-2021

    AIVA conversational platform named a leader in bot-agent collaboration, unified voice and digital solutions, and deep intent prediction.

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  • Forrester Logo

    Forrester New Wave™: Digital-First Customer Service Solutions, Q2 2020

    [24]7.ai recognized as a leader and received a differentiated rating in five of 10 criteria, including agent experience, customer experience, routing and queuing, chatbots, and roadmap.

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  • Forrester Logo

    Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI for Customer Service, Q2 2019

    [24]7.ai recognized as a leader and received a differentiated rating in six out of 10 criteria, including vision, human and AI blending, and vertical specialization.

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Combining the best of machine learning and automation with human insight and expertise helps drive better customer engagement outcomes.

25% +

NPS score increase

42% +

IVR containment

50% +

live agent productivity increase

Measuring the impact of AI

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[24]7.ai Managed Customer Engagement

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Take advantage of our proven expertise with a fully managed, all-in-one solution. With [24]7.ai Managed Customer Engagement, we take care of all your contact center needs—including both agents and technology. We find the best people, train them with the skills they need to embody your brand, and empower them with our intuitive AI-powered tools to elevate the customer experience. It’s the best of AI + HI in action.


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