McKinsey and “The Seven Deadly Sins of CX Transformations”

[24] | April 18, 2017

Transforming your business to a customer-friendly and customer-effective organization isn’t a quick or simple process. It’s not easy to adopt a customer-centric mindset and, too often, businesses rush into an effort blindly, without goals or properly set expectations, and the initiatives result in dooming failure.

McKinsey & Company recently published an article Avoiding the seven deadly sins of customer-experience transformations that identifies things to avoid as you begin your transformation efforts.

  1. Myopia: A lack of vision as to where you want to get to. Have specific goals and targets.
  2. Indifference: CX is not a top initiative for upper management.
  3. Worthlessness: Not properly understanding the value associated with making the changes.
  4. Heedlessness: Not identifying the things that matter most to your customers.
  5. Imbalance: A lack of short and long-term initiatives to gain momentum and sustain it.
  6. Fractionalism: Forgetting about the overall system for delivering value.
  7. Orthodoxy: Not considering new tools, technologies, and ways of thinking.

The article provides some practical examples of things that go wrong, as well as businesses that have taken the time and thought to get it right. McKinsey’s perspectives might help you avoid having to beg for forgiveness when because your transformation efforts have gone awry.

Read the full article here.