Webinar: Acquiring New Telco Customers to Ease that Churning Sensation

Vijai Shankar | August 18, 2015

The communications industry can be tough. To stay profitable, wireline/wireless providers, cable companies and Internet providers constantly have to battle competitors to add new customers as well as retain their current customers. What can you do to engage customers so they not only stick with you, but become advocates?

The key is understanding what customers expect: That you’ll use the data you have about them to make interactions easy and intuitive. That, wherever they are in their online or phone journeys, you’ll anticipate their needs to provide the sales and service help they want – when they need it.

If that sounds daunting, set aside an hour (less, actually) and see how it’s much easier than you may think. An August 25 webinar by [24]7.ai will show how you can start using the data you already have to create experiences that set your company apart.

In case studies and research results, you’ll learn how applying predictive analytics to your data creates differentiated experiences for customers, and positive differences in your outcomes.

Learn how companies are:

• Transforming chat to generate 30% of online sales

• Growing customer acquisition by 15 points of sales mix

• Improving NPS by over 15 points while reducing customer service costs

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