Work. Travel. Repeat.

HR Manager

[24] Employee




Itika Choubey


I define myself as an off-beat traveler, who loves to explore the less explored parts of the world. I like to go slow while traveling - examine the place thoroughly, talk to the locals, and live in the moment completely.

[24] plays a major role in my life. The leave structure here helps me plan my holidays better, which in turn makes my travel plan better. I have taken 27 trips (of short and long distances) in the 3.4 years that I have been here, and that has never gotten in the way of my work. In fact, every time I travel, I come back rested, rejuvenated and so grateful for my flexible schedule that I’m extra motivated and dedicated when I get back to work.

Traveling gives me the opportunity to meet new people, and learn about their experiences. I strongly believe that traveling has made me a better team player.

One of the quotes that inspires me deeply is, “Traveling is breathing”, which stands true to my passion. Thanks to [24], I am able live my ideal personal life, which in turn enhances my professional life.