When Passion Meets Profession

Marketing and Communications

[24]7.ai Employee




Sneha Chandra


About 2 years ago, I completed my course in photo-journalism from a renowned college in India, and was freelancing before I joined [24]7.ai. I joined here in 2018 as a part of the Marketing team, not knowing if I would still be able to focus on my passion for Photography and Videography.

As I got into the system, I did notice a demand for my passion, for different purposes, like photoshoots and video-shoots for multiple teams. This was extra exciting at work, because it allowed me to practice and enhance what I had studied. Another thing that kept the wheel rolling was the Passion Club, which was introduced within the organization giving the employees a platform to showcase their talent in photography through regular competitions, which in turn helped enhance perspective and creativity.

At [24]7.ai, there is room for everything – not only to follow your path as a professional, but also to follow your passion which helps you grow your skill sets in more than one direction. So, for those who think their work is boring and monotonous, [24]7.ai is the place for you to widen your horizons.