Project Sunrise is a [24] initiative to impact education and improve student’s successful transition into the professional world.


The Project Sunrise vision is to help bridge the gap between what students learn at colleges and what enterprises really need. Employability of the students coming out of colleges are in the very low single digits. This is mainly because of the lack of communication skills of the students and the gap between academic and industry, especially with rural students.

Project Sunrise strives to bridge this gap in an effort to increase their employability and increase their confidence level in the first year of their job. The goal is to help them perform well right from the beginning and maintain a high confidence level, thereby setting the groundwork for a long and successful career. Challenges for success include using the right technology and tools at work, getting used to a fast-paced corporate environment, setting the right goals, and corporate culture assimilation.

Project Sunrise offers the following guidance:
  • Curriculum fine tuning and augmentation to address any gaps
  • Projects on college campus
  • Internships at the [24] campus
  • Microcredit courses to prepare the students for employment readiness
  • Research consultancy
  • Soft skills training to acclimate students quickly in their new role


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