Apr 12, 2021

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

By [24]7.ai

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

Digital transformation of the customer experience has changed how we interact with customers. Not only did such efforts demand time but they also left room for serious errors. However, times have changed, and we have now transitioned to the age of AI. AI is transforming digital marketing strategies and all the technicalities that are associated with it like never before. So, what is AI? AI or artificial intelligence describes a simulation of human behavior or intelligence in machines. Machines that are engineered and programmed with AI can act like and mimic humans. Various companies are now using AI with digital marketing strategies to push their businesses towards success.


Many companies are now even embedding their sites with AI chatbots to provide their clients with an improved user experience. It can be used in other ways too. For example, if combined with CRM and big technology data, AI can collect user information and then be used by digital marketers to analyze customers' needs. AI can be used with AR/VR for a visually appealing consumption experience, for email marketing to send personalized emails, for marketing content, and even for digital advertising.


Also, as artificial intelligence is getting smarter, you can expect it to provide valuable customer insights and improved digital marketing strategies. It can be demonstrated that AI in digital marketing is the present and future.


What is AI in digital marketing?


With the emerging dominance of social media and social networking sites, brands bring forth their best games to stay more relevant and visible. Brands use analytics and metrics-driven data to enhance their presence on online social platforms and stay more visible to relevant consumers. Even mobile data is taken into consideration. However, as more and more people join online sites, it has led to a tremendous data surge. Since manually collecting and analyzing this data is not feasible, brands are deploying AI in digital marketing to turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights to gain more profits in less time.


AI provides real-time tracking via modeling techniques, helping companies lower their customer churn rate and improve customer experience. AI is also implemented in digital marketing to run campaigns based on insights and data collected from past campaigns. AI tools can accurately predict the performance of the new campaigns, and with AI algorithms, it can help make accurate predictions. AI chatbots can also enhance customer services. What's more, AI technology in the form of biometric authentication technique has also been proven as one of the safest mechanisms to capture and share information, thereby leading to better insights and faster decision making while enhancing consumer safety and security.


How can AI-driven marketing transform your business?


Businesses use data and AI marketing analytics to identify marketing trends and consumer actions. It is one reason why more and more brands are implementing AI digital marketing services, as they enable them to save time and resources. Check out some of the benefits of AI-driven digital marketing campaigns:


Helps to predict your audience


AI not just collects data but analyzes it too. AI can accurately predict consumers' buying behavior and decisions, thereby helping brands target the right group of customers.


Improves user experience


AI marketing platforms can provide customers a personalized experience by offering them what they need.


Effective marketing


You no longer have the task of guessing which strategy will work best, AI can help you create effective strategies and campaigns with real-time data and analytics.


Increases productivity


Bid goodbye to the job of manually repeating tasks. AI can automate repetitive tasks without supervision, helping you increase productivity while saving time, resources, and money.


Increases ROI


AI digital marketing strategies help you target the right audience by showing them offers that are irresistible. It can even create top-performing quality content.


Implementing artificial intelligence for digital marketing


There are many ways businesses implement AI for digital marketing. Check them out below:




A chatbot is a prime example of conversational AI technology. Chatbots are virtual assistants that can enhance your user's experiences on your websites, apps, and more. You can use chatbots to provide time-saving solutions to customer queries and problems 24/7. You can even program them to offer human-like conversations to customers.


Personalized product recommendations


Several e-commerce sites use AI to track customer behavior and buying habits, offering insights that help create personalized marketing strategies for customers. AI tools also provide customized suggestions to consumers, leading to more sales and profits.


Enhanced shopping experience


By using AI with augmented reality, you can allow your customers to try a product from a dedicated mobile app before buying. So, your customers won't be simply scrolling through images, but they will be able to try them out too. Once they are content, they can order directly from the app without stepping foot outside their homes.


Better advertising


For a successful marketing campaign, your main ideas must revolve around targeting the right audience. To do so, all you need to do is involve AI digital marketing strategies. AI gathers users' data and predicts specific future behavior. Using such valuable insights, you can create and target ads aimed directly at your users' preferences.


AI-powered website builders


Manually designing a website is a challenging task. To reduce the manual effort, you can use AI-powered website builders such as The Grid, FireDrop, and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. If you're designing landing pages to selecting color schemes, AI-powered website builders can do it all.


AI marketing tools


If you are still in the nascent stage of experimenting with your website, instead of roping in an entourage of developers, you can implement AI-powered tools. According to credible reports, businesses that incorporate AI have better revenues, close rates, traffic, conversions, and engagements. There are various tools that you can use and target the different sections of your marketing strategy.


For example, if you want to improve your site's ranking, you can use an SEO-based AI tool to help your site outrank your competitor's sites on SERPs. You can also get a 360-degree view of how they interact across touchpoints and more. You can even use [24]7 Target™ for dynamic ads to deliver personalized customer experiences.


What is the future of AI in digital marketing?


AI in the digital marketing world is the future. It is an incredible technology that has immense potential to make your brand more successful. AI digital marketing strategies can help you create enhanced customer services and experiences and make your brand not just practical and productive but sought-after too. You can use it to change the way your website works and interacts with customers.


Digital marketing/artificial intelligence FAQs


How artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing?


AI is used in digital marketing to automate tasks, create insightful and relevant digital marketing strategies for impactful campaigns, help brands provide excellent customer services, ensure conversions, and customize personal communications.


Will AI replace digital marketers?


Though AI technology can do many things, it is yet to reach the point where it can replace digital marketers.


How will AI change digital marketing and advertising?


AI in digital marketing makes advertising precise and targeted. It ensures better conversions and successful campaigns by optimizing and customizing them.


Why do companies use AI in digital marketing?


More and more companies are using AI in digital marketing as it offers targeted, effective, and accurate campaigns and profitable conversion rates.


What is the best tool for AI in marketing?


A chatbot is one of the most popular AI tools. Chatbots help websites engage with customers and provide insightful and accurate solutions in less time. It can also turn visitors into customers.


What is AI-powered marketing?


AI-powered marketing is a way to send customized and targeted messages to customers based on their preferences, demographics, buying actions, and more.