Oct 7, 2021

AI-Powered Sales Growth

AI-Powered Sales Growth

If your digital marketing campaigns are missing the mark, you’re leaving money on the table. Harness the power of AI to dynamically personalize digital ads and websites, and get more bang for your advertising buck.


Anticipate customer needs

Consumers are using more channels and devices than ever, which means they’re being bombarded with digital ads and messages all the time. That makes it even harder to create meaningful connections. To cut through the noise, brands need to anticipate customer needs and deliver standout experiences that are contextually relevant on a personal level. Dynamic AI-powered personalization targets the right message to the right person at the right time. Drive higher returns by showing your customers that you understand and value them.


AI-driven personalization

In today’s digital world, consumers expect more. They want brand experiences to be consistent across channels and to remain relevant across time—they’re tired of seeing the same ads over and over. Personalization in display, search, and social ads means combining relevant offers or products with headlines and images that individual consumers will relate to in the moment when you reach them.


To make customers feel truly seen, it’s important to build connected journeys across channels and time by continually tuning digital content. Combine your creative vision with the power of machine learning and AI to deliver dynamically personalized customer experiences at unmatched scale.


With the right tools, brands can hyper-personalize content at a granular level. Tweak the message based on individual propensity, local events or promotions, time of day—even the weather.


Blend AI and advertising for a personalized experience


Make moments meaningful

Connect customer journeys across channels to serve up the just-right message in the just-right moment. Draw on first, second- and third-party data to understand customer behavior and more accurately and predict in-the-moment propensity to buy.


Dynamically customize at scale

Design the right mix of creative for individual context and deliver up to a million unique variations in real-time—down to the millisecond. Combine machine learning, AI automation, and human insight to surprise and delight audiences.


Increase digital media efficiency

Make your advertising dollars work harder with strategic personalization and targeting. Analyzing impressions to continually fine-tune messaging, budgets, and segments helps you understand what works. Boost conversions and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).


Put your tools to work

Choose a solution that integrates with your existing technology ecosystem to improve personalization and ad performance. Leverage APIs and SDKs to build custom and native integrations with third-party partners, extending the value of your investment.


Creating a personalization strategy: HI meets AI

The first step to implementing intent-based personalization is to build a strategy. This is where your brand, creative, and agency teams shine—combine human intelligence (HI) with machine efficiency for the best possible outcomes. Start by building the messaging strategy and creative elements for each campaign. This can include hundreds of headlines, graphics, and products for each program. When it’s time to launch, use AI and ML to spin the perfect message for individual customers. It’s all about making the complex simple.


The magic happens when HI and AI come together to deliver unexpected contextual relevance that delights customers and drives sales. Real-time AI optimization takes it to another level—like playing multi-dimensional chess.


Website personalization—ads that engage

 Shift your digital media budget into overdrive with our patented conversational ads. When a customer clicks on an ad, your chatbot pops up to start a conversation—it can answer questions, take them to your website, or connect them to a live agent. A smart chatbot can even help customers complete a transaction on the spot. With half of shoppers willing to buy directly from ads, this is a powerful tool to increase sales—and efficiency.


Make the most of your advertising budget

Don’t rely on outdated models that don’t really understand your customers. Let data lead the way and discover what dynamic personalization can do for your brand. Contact us today to get started.