Jul 19, 2019

Cognitive Customer Engagement

Cognitive Customer Engagement

One of the biggest problems faced by Chief Digital Officers today is that operating expense spending in customer service has increased, but strong ROI and a delightful CX have not.

At [24]7.ai, we've seen this trend emerge in the telecommunications space for a few years, and now it’s clearly evident across many sectors including financial servicesretailtravel, and insurance.

To solve this problem at scale in the enterprise world, we have partnered with IBM Watson to come up with a joint solution framework.

"Cognitive Customer Engagement" helps solve channel confusion and eliminates wasted spend to create a seamless, friction-free customer experience that truly understands and resolves intent (i.e. accurately understanding the main reason customers contact a company in the first place to drive to a successful resolution).

The uniqueness of this approach compared to several other solutions in the market is the focus on intent and not channels. We have leveraged 20 years of contact center experience, working with live agent assistance, to train IBM Watson which can now can handle complex intents. This provides advantages in scale and prediction in the growing world of asynchronous messaging.

The real benefit of Conversational AI can only be seen with rich data sets that contain granular level customer data. At [24]7.ai, we've seen phenomenal results in this intent-driven approach, and we are thrilled about the IBM Watson partnership’s potential to take our customer journeys to the next level, for even more delightful, and memorable customer experiences.

There will always be scenarios where customers would like to talk to an agent, or when AI cannot handle the conversation anymore. When this happens, the system will elegantly transition to live chat assistance – this is where HI (human intelligence) kicks in.

A winning customer experience needs the right blend of AI + HI

Contact [24]7.ai to learn more about our enterprise-grade platform for BOT and live agent assistance on web, mobile, messaging and voice channels.

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