Sep 15, 2020

The Top 21 Business Benefits of Using [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

Lisa Matherly
Lisa Matherly

VP Marketing

The Top 21 Business Benefits of Using Engagement Cloud

One way to view our omnichannel, AI-based, SaaS customer experience (CX) platform is as a powerful, surprisingly user-friendly machine—easy for owners to build, operate, tune, and maintain themselves despite all its whiz-bang technologies and unique capabilities. Believe me, I could go on and on describing what’s under the hood and explicating its exact processes for supercharging your customer services environment.

But instead, here I want to bring home to you the ways Engagement Cloud dramatically strengthens your customer relationships and the overall health of your business. (To learn more about Engagement Cloud product features, download the data sheet and visit its home page.)

When customers engage with their favorite brands, they bring functional issues and emotional expectations; they want competence and connection. They expect their (live or virtual) agent to quickly grasp their intent and resolve their inquiry(s) directly. They also want to feel “seen,” to be treated with respect and understanding. And they want pleasant conversations, on their schedule and in their choice of channel.

Businesses want to meet those needs efficiently and cost-effectively, and to do a continually better job of it over time. Meeting this goal increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and trims operating expenses, all of which boosts short- and long-term revenues and profits. When done right, each customer engagement tells the business how to better serve, and sell to, each customer.

These interactions also enhance agent satisfaction, which accrues to both the customer’s and company’s benefit.

It’s what every customer, company, and agent wants, right? A classic win-win-win.

Well today, only [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud makes it all possible.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

With Engagement Cloud, every interaction is more satisfying for your customers and agents, and more cost efficient for your business. And the more you use it, the better your results. So, what happens when you blend AI and human insight on a single SaaS platform that automates conversations across chat, messaging, and voice channels?

  1. Go slow or go big. Meet your organization’s needs today, and adapt instantly as your business evolves, by choosing from a suite of Engagement Cloud applications and tools. Bonus: Pay for only what you need.
  2. Get started in no time. Implement Engagement Cloud in days. Yes, you’re up and running in days. Not weeks or months.
  3. Be productive immediately. Get an instant handle on what your customers want. Jumpstart your CX strategy with hundreds of pre-built, industry-specific intents. Or identify the best intents to automate now by uploading and analyzing your current sales or support transcripts.
  4. Use fewer agent resources. Automatically resolving a large swath of customer issues on the spot—with FAQ bots for less-complex inquiries, conversational AI for more-complex, transactional interactions—means less agent involvement at the outset, and fewer escalations.
  5. Save time and effort—build once, deploy everywhere. Configure what you need only once (bots, journeys, conversations, etc.), then send them across all the channels you and your customers use. Eliminate rework.
  6. Save time—with self-service tools. Even non-technical personnel are empowered to quickly create, deploy, and tune the SaaS-based CX platform.
  7. Create your ideal CX system—with self-service tools. Use your in-house customer expertise to create the best CX system for your organization and customers—no need to filter your requests through a third party.
  8. Act with total confidence. Benefit from a CX platform informed by 20+ years’ contact center operational experience, including the 20+ years of anonymized transcripts and 171 patents at the heart of its conversational AI foundation.
  9. Get better all the time. Improve the customer experience, your bottom line, and the system itself via reporting analyses that gives you deep insights, AI and human experts that learn from one another, and more.
  10. Promote brand loyalty. Giving customers a consistent, branded experience—your logo, your colors, your brand voice and tone—across all digital and voice channels means they’re never confused about who you are or what you offer.
  11. Delight your customers—meet them where they are. Make it easy for customers to find and interact with you; today, that’s most likely in a messaging channel.
  12. Delight your customers—know what they want: Engagement Cloud understands natural language and proactively draws on your customers’ prior journeys (service, support, purchasing) to predict their intent.
  13. Delight your customers—resolve issues quickly. AI resolves common issues and inquiries and, for complex or high-touch situations, seamlessly passes conversations to the best choice of agent.
  14. Delight your customers—streamline their journeys. Make it easy for customers to get things done—faster and with less effort, across channels, devices, and time—without having to repeat information; Engagement Cloud passes voice, digital, and messaging conversations seamlessly across channels.
  15. Delight your customers—talk to them like you know them (because you do). Create dynamically personalized content and conversations using behavioral, transactional, and historical data.
  16. Delight your customers—show (and tell). Collaborate with customers using unique, interactive “visual sharing” capabilities for a more effective, personalized experience.
  17. Improve CSAT and NPS. See all the “Delight your customers” instances, above.
  18. Enhance agent productivity—use asynchronous messaging. The cadence and format of asynchronous messaging facilitates more complete, fully researched resolutions.
  19. Enhance agent effectiveness and consistency—give them AI-powered tools. AI assists agents in answering questions and resolving issues, saving them (and customers) time while ensuring service/support uniformity.
  20. Retain your better agents—boost their satisfaction. AI enables agents to do a better job, which makes them more satisfied, which lowers their turnover, which saves you money AND improves the customer experience. (Full disclosure: [24]7.ai agents hugely influenced Engagement Cloud design.)
  21. Get greater value from your current infrastructure. Integrate Engagement Cloud with your enterprise applications and data sources to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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