Identify and act on customer service issues

Customer experience problems can be simple or difficult to fix. The difficult ones, the ones that persist from year to year, are truly complex because they occur over time, over channels, and fall between the cracks of organizational silos. [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics is an easy to use SaaS solution that tracks and analyzes the way customers interact with companies making it easier for enterprises to identify and act on complex customer experience issues across the customer journey.

Omni-channel journey analytics with actionable recommendations.

Omnichannel Journey Analytics with Actionable Recommendations

[24]7 Customer Journey Analytics ingests nearly any type of data (structured or unstructured) to build models of customer journeys (millions of them) across channels, products, services and lifetime and deliver rich insights into the customer experience.

Made for business users. No programming required.

Made for Business Users, No Programming Required

Simple to use and intuitive visual query builder allows analysts to rapidly explore data, identify common patterns and perform root cause analysis without the need for complex query languages. Innovative visualizations designed specifically for customer journey analytics make it easier to recognize and communication key business insights.

Unprecedented insights at unprecedented speed.

Unprecedented Insights at Unprecedented Speed

While traditional analytics tools answer the “What?” and “How Many?” questions, [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics answers the “Why?” and “How can we improve?” questions. Our high-velocity data fabric built for complex journey analytics delivers “speed-to-insight” in minutes, 100x faster than traditional solutions.

Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder

Journey Timeline

Journey Timeline

Dominant Path

Dominant Path

Defined Path

Defined Path

The [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics Advantage

By combining [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics with the [24]7 Customer Engagement Cloud, companies can analyze customer experiences, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement solutions across channels that accelerate digital transformation. [24] is the only company that can not only diagnose, but also fix these problems while driving measurable results.

Build Complex Reports in a Matter of Minutes

The Visual Query Builder makes it simple to build complex reports and visualizations in a matter minutes with a point-and-click interface

Get a 360 Degree View of All Customer Interactions

See all customer interactions and touch-points across systems and channels with the Customer Journey Timeline. Each row is a customer and each colored rectangle is an event (a call, a store visit, a web log, etc.). Enable analysts to drill down into individual customer journeys and all event attribute data – sometimes hundreds of data points – for deeper exploration.

Identify The Relationship Between Path and Outcome

Dominant Path provides insights into how path traversal and subsequent outcomes align so you can segment customers with similar patterns.

See Where Customers Fall Through the Cracks

With Defined Path, analyze millions of customer journeys at the same time. Identify common drop-off points and deviations from an expected or defined customer journey path an easy point-and-click interface.

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