Intelligence on Demand

[24] applications are powered by an underlying artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Our AI platform transforms data into decisions to create intent-driven experiences that are highly personalized—across channels, journeys, and devices.

Contextual Engagement

Engage your customers wherever they are: web, mobile, chat, search, display, social, or IVR. Continue the conversation in another channel without having customers “start over.”

The [24]7 Platform Advantage


Predict Customer Intent

Based on customer activity, our unique Intent Tags, and enterprise data, [24] predicts your customers’ needs and provides the next-best action in any channel.

Human-Like Conversations

Our natural language technology provides conversational experiences for chatbots as well as speech that’s powered by Microsoft’s most advanced DNN TECHNOLOGY.

Machine Learning at Scale

Apply machine learning to all your interactions to systematically make customer experiences intuitive and agents more effective.

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Build your business rules and application logic once and leverage them across all self-service channels and micro-services through APIs.

Data-Driven Design

Our UX design team uses sophisticated multivariate and A/B testing methods to create experiences that achieve the best business results while enhancing your brand.

Unique Channel Orchestration

Combine channels or shift customers from one channel to another to drive more meaningful experiences to help customers get things done.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Engineered for mission-critical, high-availability enterprise applications, our cloud infrastructure is designed to be secure and reliable.

Industry Expertise and Models

Leverage pre-built, vertical-specific models to provide intent-driven customer experiences from day one.