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Voice still reigns supreme. Modernize your IVR to delight your customers.


Why do you need to transform voice response to conversational IVR?

Most IVR systems are stuck in the 1990s. While they have been a customer service workhorse for decades, routing billions of calls and enabling basic self-service, they frustrate today’s digitally savvy customers with touch-tone inputs, poor speech recognition, robotic voices, and confusing menus.

Today’s customers want to self-serve, get things done fast, and seamlessly switch to a digital channel or transfer to a live agent if needed. They expect brands to know their journey and move them within and across channels, without losing context. Legacy IVR systems can’t deliver on these customer expectations. In this digital age, it is critical more than ever to upgrade your IVR and transform it into an intelligent IVR.


Go digital and automate your voice response

Customers want an IVR experience that does not make them feel like talking to a chatbot. While constructing a desirable IVR experience, you need to consider the following:


Natural Interaction

Customers get frustrated with long IVR menus and messages. They want an intuitive, humanlike interaction where they can speak naturally and get things done quickly.


Understand Me

Customers want you to know them and their intents. Knowing precisely what they are calling for and where they are in their journeys helps you complete their journeys quickly in the IVR.


Connected Experience

Customers don’t want to wait in long queues and are happy to switch across channels rather than wait on hold. When they move channels, they want a smooth transition, without having to start over.


Authenticate Effortlessly

Customers expect a secure IVR interaction as they share their personal information. But most authentication systems are complex, increasing their effort.

7 must-have components of AI text to speech solutions

A good chatbot needs to engage and understand the customer to provide a positive customer service experience. The following assist features provide customer satisfaction:

7 key components of a modern IVR Solution

An Intelligent IVR that improves customer service—and your bottom line

The IVR service that you choose affects your brand image, helps with customer engagement, monitors consumer data, and affects your overall lead generation while reducing cost.


Enhance Your Brand

Delight customers and stand out from competitors through an IVR featuring the best technologies for humanlike conversations.


Increase Automation

A modern IVR understands a broad range of customer requests and completes transactions by following business rules and accessing the necessary enterprise systems.


Promote Digital Adoption

Combine IVR with digital and messaging channels to reduce hold times and deflect calls to a low-cost channel. Enrich the experience by orchestrating a seamless transfer with relevant context.


Reduce Operational Cost

A modern IVR increases first call resolution, reduces repeat contact, and reduces agent transfers. It also decreases the agent average handle time (AHT) by passing more context.

Why choose [24]7 Voices for a successful IVR deployment

[24]7 Voices conversational IVR leverages state-of-the-art AI, predictive analytics, and Microsoft speech technologies (advanced speech recognition and neural text-to-speech) to increase self-service 20 to 40 percent, compared to traditional IVR. Voices is an enterprise-grade, standards-based cloud solution that seamlessly pairs with digital channels on the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud platform. Use it to drive more meaningful interactions across channels.


Why Choose [24]7 Voices

AI-powered conversational IVR

[24]7.ai is rated a Conversational AI market leader by Forrester, Opus, and Ovum. We power [24]7 Voices with the latest natural language processing, deep neural networks, speech recognition software, neural-based natural speech synthesis, and predictive analytics to deliver smart, intuitive, and humanlike experiences.

Industry-leading IVR containment rate

We achieve industry-leading IVR containment rates (70+ percent) with our deep conversational AI expertise. When you anticipate what your customers are trying to do, you keep more callers in automated channels and serve them better. 

Out-of-the-box vertical intent models

We are the leaders in building intent identification models, enabling Day Zero bot deployment for various verticals. Our vertical natural language models enhance self-service, expedite resolution, and decrease average handle times—making speech experiences smart and easy.

Build once, deploy everywhere

[24]7 Voices runs on a unified self-service platform that erases the barriers between digital and voice channels. It uses common business logic, advanced application development, model creation, and a prediction layer that spans all channels (IVR, virtual assistant, chat, and messaging) and modalities (voice and visual/touch). 


Top 10 “Must Haves” when Choosing Your IVR Partner Tip Sheet

Top 10 “Must Haves” when Choosing Your IVR Partner

Modernize the Customer Experience with Conversational IVR eBook

Modernize the Customer Experience with Conversational IVR


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[24]7 Conversations enables you to build, test, and tune your own conversational chatbots or virtual assistants and then deploy across web, mobile apps, messaging and voice channels.

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[24]7 Active Share empowers agents to deliver personalized, interactive content directly to callers across any device during a call. Engaging customers with visually relevant information results in decreased agent handle time and increased customer satisfaction, resolution, and revenue.