Bring IVR Automation into a New Voice Era

Mobile keeps call volumes high, but traditional IVR is frustrating. Voice interactions remain critical. Customers expect the ease of a virtual personal assistant (VPA), but IVR interactions are more complex, which is why CX leaders are upgrading voice communication. According to Forrester*, “For enterprise speech to be useful … it needs to speak in more human-like ways and solve real consumer problems.” Modernized IVR enables simple self-service calls, proactive responses, shorter sessions, and hand-offs to pre-informed human agents when necessary.

Source: Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst, Forrester: “A Reality Check On Natural Language For Conversational Computing,” August 2018


The global market for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is forecast to reach $3.2 billion by 2022, driven by the focus on automating customer service..spurring opportunities for self-service IVR.

Merkle & Sears: “Global Interactive Voice Response Systems Market Analysis”, 2017

It’s Time to Have Better Conversations with Your Customers

Automated and conversational IVR elevates the customer experience (CX). Leading companies are now bringing old-school IVR through the digital transformation it needs to meet modern customer expectations.

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Keep up with high call volume

Voice is increasing in usage and popularity, with mobile and internet-based calls combining with new mediums like VPAs to keep volumes high. Automation makes it easy to keep up.

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Power self-service success

Automate natural dialogues and deliver results with natural language generation (NLG). It drives self-service fulfillment, IVR-to-chat or contextual handoffs to agents when needed.

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Upgrade IVR & reduce costs

CX leaders know how to use technology to meet elevated expectations, as traditional IVR is bad for brand image. Plus, AI and automation reduce IVR service costs overall.


Achieve Extraordinary Results


containment rate

AI boosts containment, but doesn’t replace human agents. Modern IVR arms them with customer information, reducing average handle time (AHT) per call.


monthly self-service interactions

Pre-defined journeys, deep neural networks (DNN) and natural language generation (NLG) automate self-service calls in a conversational style that just feels right.


automated calls

Contact centers are expensive and traditional IVR is frustrating. Modernizing IVR can help reduce operating costs over time, delivering measurable savings.

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AI-Powered Conversational IVR Made for Enterprise

Let your users speak naturally with conversational IVR. Enterprise-level AI has transformed traditional IVR with automated voice dialogues that feel natural.

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IVR to Chat Diverts Calls and Reduces Costs

Drive customers to the more efficient chat channel with [24]7 AIVA IVR2Chat, powered by advanced technology that’s unique to the industry.

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Virtual Agents Boost Containment and Service in Modern IVR

Contain a percentage of calls while fully meeting customer needs and expectations with the most advanced voice solutions, offering virtual voice agents powered by NLU and NLG.

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AI-Powered Voice Calls for Enterprise-Grade Technology

Multiple underlying technologies transform the voice/IVR experience, because 71% of all customer journeys start online. Learn how they work together to boost CX.


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