Jun 24, 2021

Disruptive New Customer Engagement Model Slashes Costs by More than 20 Percent

[24]7.ai Managed Customer Engagement combines people, process, and technology, to raise CSAT while dramatically lowering the cost per contact

San Jose, Calif. – June 24, 2021 — [24]7.ai, Inc., a recognized leader in omni-channel conversational AI and contact center services today, announced the availability of Managed Customer Engagement (MCE), a fully managed service offering to drive CX transformation.
Built on more than 20 years of contact center operational expertise, this end-to-end managed service helps companies overcome internal and external roadblocks to enhance service automation, stay ahead of the technology curve, and reduce cost per interaction—without a big upfront investment. [24]7.ai leverages Engagement Cloud, its market leading platform, to uniquely blend AI automation and machine learning with human insight and experience to continually refine and enhance models, journeys, and experiences. With [24]7.ai’s MCE, companies now have a single partner to help manage and transform their brand’s customer engagement from channels, technology, agents, while leveraging best practice to accelerate their CX transformation.

Benefits of [24]7.ai Managed Customer Engagement 
Early MCE deployments have shown that enterprises can reduce costs by more than 20 percent in the first year, with even greater cost savings as solutions are optimized.

A major U.S. retailer recently achieved extraordinary results in their first 90 days. [24]7.ai’s MCE was deployed in less than 30 days resulting in a 48 percent increase in service automation across multiple channels and a 28 percent reduction in cost per contact, and a 4.6/5.0 CSAT peak performance.

With [24]7.ai’s MCE, business leaders can drive their CX strategy while [24]7.ai assists them by:

  • Staying ahead of the curve – With [24]7.ai Managed Customer Engagement, companies always get the latest technology and best-in-class innovations—without having to upgrade or invest in new solutions. Staying at the forefront of customer expectations and industry advances is built into the [24]7.ai business model.
  • Continually improving outcomes – Take advantage of ongoing optimization for both automated experiences and agent services. [24]7.ai monitors interactions and ensures that visitors/consumers are being routed to the best channel based on intent, while finding new ways to increase automation and augment agent interactions. [24]7.ai promises to outperform other providers on all key customer service metrics.
  • Driving higher ROI – Companies can reduce the overhead cost of managing multiple vendors and get more bang for their budgets with a single point of control. Increased automation and ongoing optimization lower costs even more by increasing self-service containment, shortening average handle time (AHT), and reducing cost per resolved contact (CPRC). With [24]7 Managed Customer Engagement, companies can get to market faster with ready-to-deploy solutions and global customer expertise.

Components of Managed Customer Engagement

  • [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud – The industry's first integrated suite of conversational AI services designed to power both voice and digital interactions.
  • [24]7.ai Agent Services – By boosting customer satisfaction and reducing cost per resolved contact (CPRC) with leading contact center outsourcing services, more than 90% of clients rank [24]7.ai No. 1 in BPO agent services.
  • Professional Services – [24]7.ai employs a data-driven operational model that enables companies to visualize how their customer experience technologies and services are working and where they will benefit from additional efficiencies for more significant cost savings.
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems – [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud integrates with major enterprise systems to increase automation, reduce time to revenue, and uses an open architecture to leverage other AI platform investments by client companies. For example, in a recent study, [24]7.ai Agent Assist has been shown to dramatically boost Google CCAI agent response rates. 

"MCE is the fastest way for companies to drive CX transformation and realize benefits,” said Rohan Ganeson, Chief Operating Officer for [24]7.ai. “We have more than 20 years expertise combining technology and service models to drive best practices in customer experience. We have proven that MCE can drive more than 20 percent cost reduction while improving CSAT, and we have now packaged this for CX leaders to readily adopt." 

For the complete list of features, benefits, and updates in our latest release, visit the April 2021 release page. https://www.247.ai/products/product-releases/april-release-2021

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Ian Bain
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