April 2021 Release

April 2021 Release

Manage human and bot interactions across digital and voice channels through a suite of apps.


247 Engagement Cloud Platform

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud gives more apps the UI and power of SaaS


[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ represents a giant leap forward in customer engagement capability with remarkable new self-serve tools, giving our customers a single point of control to create and manage human and bot interactions across digital and voice channels.

Since the September launch of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, we've seen our first customer deployments of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, with massive reductions in deployment time and in the time and effort it takes to tune and optimize bot performance and containment rates. [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud delivered on our promise to give you better results with dramatically less effort.

Now we've added more scalability and easy-to-use capabilities. Below you will find a short list with some highlights from our recent release.

What's new in this release:

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

  • The top page of our Engagement Cloud Portal contains tiles to our various applications. We've added even more capability here as we've brought more of our products into the Engagement Cloud Portal, giving all of our clients better access to more self-help tools. In September, we launched with [24]7 Conversations™, [24]7 Answers™, and [24]7 Assist™ accessible from the Engagement Cloud Portal. Now you can also access [24]7 Voices™, [24]7 Active Share™, and [24]7 Journey Analytics™ right from the portal, and these tools all now share the familiar [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud navigation and power.
  • [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud features new personas, allowing access to the right information for every type of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud user, with customizable dashboards and job-specific apps and tools available under the various tabs in our Engagement Cloud Portal.
  • New scalability and performance improvements have been added to our AI tuning tool, Model Workbench, to handle five times more data. More data means a better understanding of your user's intent.
  • [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud includes our Card Designer, which lets you make interactive cards delivered to both voice and digital users. We've made several useability improvements to Card Designer, including password handling and the ability to customize error messages.
[24]7 Assist

[24]7 Assist

  • [24]7 Assist for Salesforce is now available — this is our widget available in the Salesforce App Exchange, giving your agents the ability to talk to your customers right from their Salesforce Service Cloud console. Everything you expect from [24]7 Assist is now in Salesforce. [24]7 Assist for Salesforce allows agents to interact with customers and update their Salesforce CRM records from a single user interface, reducing average handle time (AHT), operating costs, and customer frustration.
  • [24]7 Assist now includes Agent Assist, providing ready-to-use automated smart responses and natural language based responses at the agent's fingertips to accelerate service. Agent Assist can optionally be integrated with Google Cloud and Google CCAI technology, meaning agents can access and use snippets of product and services knowledge bases, FAQs, and articles as smart responses. By providing context-relevant assistance, Agent Assist helps increase containment rates and lower AHT.
  • Secure Payment Cards for [24]7 Digital Assist™ allow clients to arm their agents with a secure "Payment Card," which can be deployed by the agent, allowing customers to enter their payment information. The payment information is then processed through a CDE environment, independently from the agent, ensuring secure transmission and presentation of payment data between client CRMs and third-party payment gateways.
  • Component modifications and tuning were undertaken to enable improved scaling, supporting larger concurrent agent volumes.
  • Improvements were also made to the systems handling inline history. By reducing the time taken to index new interactions from minutes to seconds, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud can provide an inline history to users returning quickly. At the same time, the agent has access to the previous context to resolve your customer's issue.
  • Clients and [24]7 Admins can now configure all parts of [24]7 Assist from one central location. As well as providing a place to test before pushing the changes live, configuration options now include:
    • Agents​
    • Queues, Skills
    • Teams​
    • Smart Responses​
    • Feature Flags​
    • Advanced Configs
[24]7 Answers

[24]7 Answers

  • [24]7 Answers now includes dedicated links to individual responses, allowing admins to link to a response inside the admin console and provide a public link to a response that can create a permalink to a search page on the website displaying the response.
  • Tensor flow support for [24]7 Answers provides a framework for the product to deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) models from both [24]7.ai and partners such as IBM Watson or Google CCAI and also supports features like labeling and versions.
  • Improvements to self-serve Bot and Search optimization in [24]7 Answers enable segmentation of reports by FAQ category.
  • Additions to [24]7 Answers self-serve capabilities include:
    • Full-text KB search
      • Perform full-text search of titles and content across all interfaces​.
      • UI feedback such as spinner and matched keyword highlighting.
      • Respects filtering of search results.
    • All interfaces reports
      • Add an "All" choice for interface scope when running reports​.
      • Choosing the "All" report scope collates interfaces into a single report, as well as calculate analytics based on the larger scope.
    • Mirroring rules
      • Ensure most common use case for Mirror To works seamlessly – sharing and syncing content for a folder and all its contents.
      • Add validation to prevent a user from accidentally creating unwanted sharing situations.
[24]7 Voices

[24]7 Voices

  • [24]7 Voices has been added to the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, with various self-help capabilities built into the Engagement Cloud Portal's Voices app. 
  • We have partnered with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to deliver industry-leading Neural Text To Speech (TTS) in [24]7 Voices. Our Neural TTS provides a humanlike, natural-sounding voice generated from text on the fly, thanks to dramatic advancements in AI. Implementing Neural TTS in your voice systems and IVR solution eliminates cumbersome audio recordings of prompts, accelerating your time to marketing, giving you greater flexibility with real-time prompt changes, and eliminating recording costs and studio time.
  • Speaker Verification gives our customers the option to provide voice-based authentication to replace traditional and outdated security methods such as PINs and security questions, giving you a more secure and trouble-free process to authenticate users' calls. Using Microsoft's state-of-the-art speech technology, Speaker Verification is a robust authentication tool for voice self-service journeys.
[24]7 Target

[24]7 Target

  • [24]7 Target relies heavily on our ability to create and manage outbound SMS messages. We can now make this capability available to the entire suite of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud products, with apps such as [24]7 Conversations, [24]7 Assist, and [24]7 Answers now having the ability to implement our outbound SMS APIs to deliver content to your customers. As well as initiating outreach with your customers, [24]7 Target can now redirect voice or web traffic to a native messaging channel, using a magic_URL, with messages such as "Thanks for your order, click here {{magic_url}} to chat with us."
  • [24]7 Target can personalize a web landing page on your site based on customer context pulled from their search, social, and display activity.
[24]7 Active Share

[24]7 Active Share

  • [24]7 Active Share can now be managed and controlled from within the Engagement Cloud Portal, giving you one place to go to manage all your [24]7.ai apps.
[24]7 Journey Analytics

[24]7 Journey Analytics

  • [24]7 Journey Analytics is our discovery tool that gives you the power to explore your customer's journeys across multiple channels easily. Using advanced path analytics, you can improve the customer experience and optimize service operations.
  • [24]7 Journey Analytics has migrated from an on-prem solution to become a fully powered [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud app. Moving to the cloud gives you more options to pull data from your traditional transcripts and access data from any app within [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, ensuring you get better analytics across more channels faster.
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

  • [24]7.ai now offers HIPAA compliance on any of our products and services, giving you a HIPAA-compliant AI solution for the digital transformation of healthcare customer service. [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud offers a seamless way for organizations to interact with patients on their terms, whether via a chat or a phone call or through their mobile devices.
  • By blending machine automation with human insights to streamline interactions, [24]7.ai helps providers control costs and improve Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores. A build-once, deploy-anywhere model enables providers to extend the value of their customer experience technology investments and scales easily to meet patients on the channels they prefer.
  • With [24]7.ai, providers can automate answers to common questions about coverage, prescriptions, and provider locations. We can even manage more complex interactions such as appointment scheduling, payment questions, and health condition tracking.
  • Automation helps increase self-service containment and control support costs without sacrificing CAHPS. A better patient experience drives loyalty and builds your brand reputation.
  • Using [24]7 Target, providers can create a personalized, hyper-targeted outreach program to provide a personal touch with no agent assistance. Providers may send messages for appointment reminders and follow-up visits, schedule daily reminders to take medication, get up and exercise, or do more complex tasks like asking patients to change their dressing after a surgical procedure.