Product Release Calendar

Product Release Calendar

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Current Release

  • June 2023— Enhanced [24]7 Agent Assist with a Search widget for quick query resolution, [24]7 Assist embedded Voice integration with Salesforce for streamlined call handling, improved Performance Dashboard with an upgraded 'Agents Status Summary' widget, and the ability to dynamically fetch data via APIs for radio buttons while designing Active Cards are some of the important highlights of the June 2023 release.


Past Releases

  • October 2022— Queue Statistics via Open Channel API,  Test & Preview Visual Cards with Ease in Card Designer and Better Control Over Ending Voice Conversations with enhanced Conversation Builder in [24] Engagement CloudTM  are some of the many features for this release.
  • September 2022— Enhanced business messaging experience,  Enhancements to reporting in [24]7 Answers and Usability enhancements to Card Designer in [24] Engagement CloudTM  are some of the many features for this release.
  • August 2022 — Hierarchical Clustering in Intent Discovery Tool (IDT), Usability enhancements to [24]7 Assist™ and Enhancements to multimodal conversations in [24]7 Active Share™  are some of the many features for this release.
  • July 2022 — Web chat user experience enhancements, usability enhancements to [24]7 Answers™, recorded IVR call files removal in [24]7 Voices™, Salesforce case owner updates integrated with [24]7 Assist™ and enhanced exit survey creation using [24] Card Designer are some of the many features for this release.
  • May-June 2022 — Continuous bot performance monitoring, Google Shopping via [24] messaging, customer survey feedback, access to financial information and enabling password updates via Confidential Cards and reporting for insights are some of the many features for this release.
  • April 2022 — New data access service (DAS) APIs enable authenticated/authorized clients and applications to use your preferred analytics or business intelligence (BI) applications to access, in near real time, [24] Engagement Cloud™ data—providing a richer analytics landscape and facilitating greater cross-functional collaboration.
  • March 2022 — With [24] Engagement Cloud™, you leverage an industry-leading conversational AI platform that uniquely blends artificial intelligence (AI) and human insight (HI) to deliver stellar omnichannel experiences, drive sales growth through precision targeting, and enhance operational efficiency through self-service and automation.
  • December 2021 — [24] provides you ready access to the widely recognized, open-source platform for ML, TensorFlow, allowing you to build bots faster and accelerate time to market for your AI initiatives.
  • October 2021 — Have you wondered how effective your conversational designs are after they’re built and deployed? Automatic Model Monitoring (AMMO) in [24] Engagement Cloud™ is designed to help you stop guessing and start knowing.
  • August 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud provides additional rich media support, improved security and privacy features, and intelligent queue management features to the industry's leading Conversational AI platform.
  • June 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud offers up a new automated personalization feature and expands self-serve capabilities.
  • April 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud gives more apps the UI and power of SaaS.