Product Release Calendar

Product Release Calendar

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Current Release

  • December 2021 — [24] provides you ready access to the widely recognized, open-source platform for ML, TensorFlow, allowing you to build bots faster and accelerate time to market for your AI initiatives.


Past Releases

  • October 2021 — Have you wondered how effective your conversational designs are after they’re built and deployed? Automatic Model Monitoring (AMMO) in [24] Engagement Cloud™ is designed to help you stop guessing and start knowing.
  • August 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud provides additional rich media support, improved security and privacy features, and intelligent queue management features to the industry's leading Conversational AI platform.
  • June 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud offers up a new automated personalization feature and expands self-serve capabilities.
  • April 2021 — [24] Engagement Cloud gives more apps the UI and power of SaaS.
  • September 2020 — SaaS puts the power to control the best customer experiences in your hands.
  • October 2019 — Add new messaging channels, build models once and deploy to any messaging and speech channel, reduce fraud, and modify intent models without ever having to code.