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December 2021 Release

Leverage our industry-leading conversational AI platform that uniquely blends artificial intelligence and human intelligence.


[24] Engagement Cloud

We are excited to share some new features now available within [24] Engagement Cloud™. With Engagement Cloud, you leverage an industry-leading conversational AI platform that uniquely blends AI and human intelligence (HI) to help you deliver stellar omnichannel experiences, drive sales growth through precision targeting, and enhance operational efficiency through self-service and automation.

Industry Recognition

What's new

Below are some of the new features we've added in the last couple of releases of [24] Engagement Cloud:

[24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud

Embrace Open-Source AI and Machine Learning (ML) with [24] Engagement Cloud

Are your data scientists demanding access to open-source options for AI & ML for improved flexibility while building bots?

  • Accelerate time to market for your AI initiatives by leveraging the widely recognized, open-source platform, TensorFlow, now available in [24] Engagement Cloud along with [24] home-grown AI and ML models
  • Build bots that support multiple languages faster even with a limited training dataset by leveraging TensorFlow ML models that provide improved flexibility
  • Improve accuracy levels of your bots by comparing results between different AI & ML models and deploy the ones that show better performance
[24]7 Conversations

[24]7 Conversations

Enhance Digital and Voice Journeys with [24]7 Conversations™

Are your bots and IVR smart enough to handle simple yet effective customer commands?

  • Improve containment rate with the latest release of [24]7 Conversations by automating bot responses to common customer prompts such as “go back”, “repeat,” and “go to the main menu”
  • Ensure accuracy in every customer interaction by leveraging Grammar, another new feature, to recognize, collect and confirm back customer-provided entities such as email address and account number
  • Exercise full control over bot-led interactions by proactively defining which customer entities you would like for the bot to collect and which of those need to be confirmed back with customers
  • Manage escalations intelligently by enabling bots to pass on the customer entities to human agents to alleviate customer frustration while reducing average handle time
[24]7 Assist

[24]7 Assist

Improve customer experience through enhanced agent experiences with [24]7 Assist™ and [24]7 Card Designer

Do you see the need for visual cues to help improve the level of customer service across voice and digital channels?

  • Securely exchange information with customers via customizable, visual forms using Active Cards enabling both your agents and customers to complete tasks (e.g., appointment booking, setting up pre-authorized payments) easily across voice and digital channels
  • Personalize both human and bot-led customer interactions on the fly by leveraging previously customized Active Cards without having to manually reconfigure them in the system
  • Easily tackle administrative tasks such as password reset, create, update, enable/disable users of [24]7 Assist through a new user role, operator.
[24]7 Target

[24]7 Target

Grow sales through improved digital marketing campaigns with [24]7 Target™

Are you constantly looking to leverage data to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and in turn drive growth?

  • See improved results by combining location and sales data from your retail stores and having AI determine which stores should fall under the test vs. control group in your digital marketing campaign
  • Optimize in-flight campaigns as a business user using an intuitive, self-serve interface, without having to rely on your data science or data engineering teams

Enhanced Reporting

Uncover deep insights through enhanced reporting

Do you often see the need to create reports manually to better understand how your support organization is performing across voice and digital channels?

  • Gain visibility into key customer experience and operational metrics through a robust reporting capability in each of the [24] Engagement Cloud apps
  • Address key use cases for your business with out-of-the-box reports on:
    • Digital interaction report
    • Chat transfer details report
    • Customer survey report
    • Messaging survey summary report
    • Chat funnel report (hourly, daily, daily & source)