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CRM Integrations with [24]7 Digital AssistTM

Drive personalized interactions and boost agent productivity with a 360˚ view of the customer in a single console.

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Bring [24]7 Digital Assist and CRM systems together

[24]7 Digital Assist seamlessly integrates with top CRM, Knowledge Bases, and Ticket Management systems to bring complete customer context, profile, and interaction history within a single view. This prevents agents from toggling between consoles or external enterprise systems, increasing agent productivity, and improving CSAT.


Harness the power of customer data

Reduce handle time for Agents

Drive agent productivity by eliminating the need to switch between the console and the different enterprise applications.

Reduce time to market

Easy-to-implement native and custom connectors for [24]7 Digital Assist and CRM systems eliminate the need to create an agent-facing interface on enterprise systems or [24]7 Digital Assist.

Optimize agent experience

The two-way seamless data exchange between the [24]7 Digital Assist and Enterprise Systems allows Agents to focus on the interaction rather than on retrieving or updating the information from / to CRMs.

Make customers happy

With easily accessible, relevant context and data, agents can provide faster resolutions and thus, optimizing customer satisfaction.

Product features


Real-time Context

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can access important profile attributes, customer journey with the list of web pages browsed and time spent, in-time context, and pre-chat context.


Active Cards

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can push rich, interactive, customized content to visitors within the chat interface to close sales deals quicker or service customers faster.


Concurrent Chats Experience

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can handle concurrent chats at a time. An Agent can switch among the interactions by clicking on any one of the interactions on the Interaction Carousel.


Co-browse and Co-view

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can initiate a co-browse or co-view session with visitors’ consent to guide them troubleshoot a problem or fill out a form or navigate on a website.


Smart Response

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can provide customers with accelerated service via ready-to-use automated smart responses and natural-language based responses.


Wrap-Up Form

With Assist Widget for CRM embedded into Salesforce, agents can capture interaction details, steps taken by an agent, the visitor’s intent, and the intent status and push the transcript to Salesforce. If an agent wants to transfer an interaction to another agent or queue, they can fill all the fields in the persistent wrap-up and then transfer the interaction.


Embed [24]7 Digital Assist as a widget in Salesforce

For clients who are looking to embed [24]7 Digital Assist into their Salesforce Service Cloud, we offer [24]7 Assist for Salesforce. The Assist Widget is the perfect choice for brands looking for the best Conversational AI Platform that integrates and functions optimally within their Salesforce CRM System.

The Assist Widget can communicate with the hosting application to ensure matching records for the customer are presented as the agent manages concurrent chats. The Assist Widget is a minified avatar of the [24]7 Digital Assist agent console that can be natively plugged-in to get advanced console features, including real-time context, multiple concurrent chats, smart responses, and more. Custom integrations are also available to pair other Enterprise, CRM, ticketing Systems, and Knowledge Bases.

See our listing in the Salesforce AppExchange for more information.


Digital Assist

Integrate CRM widgets into [24]7 Digital Assist

Custom integrations are available to provide a CRM access point from within the [24]7 Digital Assist agent console. With the help of [24]7 professional services or our partner CloudElements, you can enable custom API integration with various leading CRM solutions and enterprise platforms.

Agents have a central location for faster data access from one or more CRMs or enterprise systems. Agents can access the CRM widgets in the “Workspace” portion of the Agent Console, showing customer information on identified intents. An integrated CRM Widget enables the agent to instantly search, edit, and update visitor details without having to toggle to the CRM system - all during live chat interactions.

CRM Widgets

Driving results for a top US banking client


Reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)


Improvement in Average Resolution Time (ART)


Improvement in Net Promoter (NPS)