All It Takes is One Bad Experience to Lose a Customer

Uncover how to make it easier for customers to do business with you.

Experience is key to competing for consumers attention. Purpose-built for omnichannel customer journey analysts by the technology leaders powering over 1.2B cross-channel interactions, [24]7 customer journey analytics is a SaaS solution to uncover insights from patterns in millions of individual paths. Because it’s time to make it easy for organizations to marry operational efficiencies with better CX.


The Impact Of Seeing Journeys Rather Than Touchpoints

‌ ‌
Increase sales conversions

Move the needle on digital transformation by increasing digital channels’ effectiveness

‌ ‌
Improve CSAT

Reduce call volumes by optimizing self-service and reducing repeat calls


— [24] and McKinsey & Company

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Web chat digital transformation

Prioritize CX omnichannel initiatives by removing touchpoint silos and creating a unified practice across departments

Identify How To Optimize Service Operations And Improve CX

Empower teams with data to transform cross-departmental experiences.


Visualize cross channel journeys

Visualize cross channel journeys

Understand how customers interact across touchpoints

  1. Integrate customer event data from digital channels, voice and offline with data in back end systems.
  2. Model time-sequenced events to define users’ journeys.
  3. Visualize cross channel journeys over time.
Identify drop-off points

Identify drop-off points

See what is working and what is not

  1. Explore patterns interactively with a simple drag and drop interface.
  2. Identify the relationship between engagement patterns and outcomes of interest such as: abandonment, call, complaint.
  3. Visualize where customers drop off the expected path.
Consolidated view of customer engagement

Consolidated view of customer engagement

Identify root cause of issues

  1. Simplify complex queries. Slice and dice patterns with flexible filters to eliminate noise.
  2. Hone in on audience and uncover key attributes using statistically significant comparisons.
  3. Qualify insight by listening to calls, reviewing chats and examining raw data within single journeys.

The [24] Advantage

  • Root Cause Analysis at Scale

    Drill down in minutes, not days

    Analysts need to identify the root cause of issues, fast.  But the complexity of interactions over time and across an ever-increasing number of channels adds too much noise for BI tools. Quickly activate change with simplified root cause analysis and interactive visualizations.

  • Advanced Path Analytics

    Simplifying advanced path analytics

    Analysts today spend time preparing data for every hypothesis. [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics lets analysts visually slice, dice, point, and click to discover how to increase digital adoption, what’s driving repeat calls, and more.

  • Top Speed. Any Data. Any Size.

    Connect data to see the world as your customers do

    Companies today have plenty of data, but don’t always know how to find the connections that make it valuable. [24]7 transforms data into meaningful journeys, unifying teams with an omnichannel view. Data-savvy teams can optimize and prioritize across the organization for faster time to transformation.


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