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[24]7 Digital AssistTM

A next-generation agent desktop to drive contextual conversations.

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Reimagine the Agent Experience and Engagement

[24]7 Digital Assist empowers agents to drive productive, context-aware, and personalized customer conversations. It provides an intuitive and unified interface, enabling agents to support all messaging and digital channels from a single location. In addition, agents can send customers outbound messages to initiate high-value marketing and customer care conversations and have them respond through chat or messaging thanks to a MagicLink. The AI-assisted interface enables contextual response recommendations, drawing from AI and Human Intelligence blending to deliver a significant uplift in conversation quality, automation, and NPS.

It offers prioritized queuing and smart routing to get your customers to the agents best suited to solve their problems. With real-time monitoring capabilities, supervisors can track and manage traffic, interactions, agent queues, queue status, and more.

Empowered agents create better customer experiences

Enable more productive interactions
Relevant Customer Data

Provide relevant customer data at agents' fingertips. Profile bar displays critical user account summary; Journey bar provides the complete customer journey with the URLs a customer has visited, Inline History tab shows an overview of a returning customer's previous interactions.

Drive agent productivity
Time-based visual cues

Configurable timers provide visual cues to an agent to notify about the level of urgency to respond to visitors as well as non-responsive visitors.

Quickly summarize conversations
Persistent wrap-up form

The persistent wrap-up form enables agents to capture interaction details, steps taken, the visitor's intent, and the intent status that any agent can leverage. 

Visually enrich interactions
Active Cards

This feature enables agents to push rich, interactive, customized content to visitors to close sales deals quicker or service customers faster. Cards can be designed and sent to fit your visitors' needs with options including product information, calendar, payment, and fulfillment cards.

Product Features


Unified Agent Console

[24]7 Digital Assist offers a single interaction platform to support Live Chat and multiple Messaging channels - Web, App, ABC, FB, Google, and Open APIs with Unified Digital Experience.


Advanced Routing and Queuing

[24]7 Digital Assist provides skill-based, intent-based, queue-based, priority-based routing, and custom routing and queuing to match each customer with the right agents to best serve their needs. 


Lead Console

With the [24]7 Digital Assist lead console, real-time monitoring and escalation tasks have never been easier. Leads get complete visibility into all the activities and levers to manage traffic and to barge-in/take ownership.


Reports and Dashboards

[24]7 Digital Assist provides out-of-the-box standard reports, allows you to customize reports, and leverage APIs to build new real-time dashboards. These analytics aid in continuous improvement.


AI-Enabled Agent-Assist with [24]7 Answers

[24]7 Digital Assist's Agent Assist feature provides agents with contextual next best recommendations with ready-to-use Smart Responses and FAQs from [24]7 Answers.


Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) Integration

An integration with Google Cloud and Google CCAI technology allows agents to surface and use snippets of product and services knowledge bases, FAQs, and articles as smart responses.


Digital Cards and Co-browse

[24]7 Digital Assist enables agents to push interactive visual content (called Active Cards) to customers within the chat interface across any device. Agents can also initiate a co-view / co-browse session.


Robust Security

With [24]7 Digital Assist, clients can secure PCI and PII information from getting exposed through chat transcripts. Masking patterns allows hiding personal/secure data post-interaction completion.


CRM/Enterprise Data Integration

[24]7 Digital Assist brings various CRM/enterprise systems into the [24]7 Agent Workspace with custom integrations, empowering agents to easily access relevant customer context.


Outbound Messaging

With Outbound Messaging, [24]7 Digital Assist allows agents to send SMS via the agent console and have customers respond within the same conversation through web chat or messaging channels.

Optimize performance with data-driven insights

[24]7 Digital Assist's lead console comes with integrated real-time monitoring, providing leads with a view of important statistics about the interactions at the agent and queue level. It offers advanced analytics and insights from text mining to identify performance gaps and drive efficiencies across intent, Line of business (LOB), center, team, agent, interaction, sales, and survey metrics.

Agents can monitor their key performance metrics such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Average Response Time - in real-time, and right from inside their console. They can quickly identify interactions where they need coaching help.  

Data Driven Insights

Digital Assist

A preferred workspace of digital agents

Reimagine an agent experience with a next-gen, AI-powered agent console that supports Chat and multiple channel Messaging interactions from a unified desktop.

Journey Insights

Seamless VA Transfer

Agents Train Bots

Improved Agent Efficiencies Drive Better Results


Improved CSAT with faster resolution


Improved First Contact Resolution with smart routing


Boosted sales conversions with access to visitor context