Make It All About Personalization

The [24]7 Personalization solution uses the power of big data and machine learning to deliver highly personalized content and creative across multiple devices and channels. Analyze more clicks, create unique personas, and pinpoint consumer intent for better results on a bigger scale.

Richer Data, Better Predictions

Step 1: Richer Data, Better Predictions

Connect the dots across the consumer journey leveraging rich behavioral and relationship data to predict consumer intent more accurately in the moments that matter most.

One Customer, Many Devices, All Channels

Step 2: One Customer, Many Devices, All Channels

Connect with consumers wherever they are by analyzing their behavior across multiple channels, platforms, and devices, and applying results everywhere.

Real Time, Real Smart

Step 3: Real Time, Real Smart

Powerful machine learning crunches billions of clicks in real-time, so you can understand what’s happening and adjust on the fly. Optimize performance to meet your goals faster, and more efficiently.


More ad engagement


Increase in online conversion


Growth in online sales

Personalized Digital Marketing

Design dynamic and interactive ads with
customizable templates and a drag-and-drop creative editor.


Update and preview creative with just a few
clicks of a button.

The [24]7 Personalization Advantage

Make It Personal

Every consumer is different, and so is every customer journey. [24] combines first, second, and third party information—including rich behavioral data—to create unique personas and personalize content down to the smallest details for better results.

Know Your Customers Better

Understanding past behavior helps you predict how consumers are likely to behave next. We combine past behavior data with predictive modeling so you can anticipate needs and deliver targeted content to meet them.

Precision Targeting & Retargeting

Machine learning uncovers behavior patterns and uses them to target consumers who are more likely to purchase, with the things they’re most likely to buy. Plus, you can keep the conversation going with dynamic retargeting to turn past visitors into new customers.

Individualized Content, Dynamically Delivered

With [24]7 Personalization, it’s easy to design content your audience will respond to, and deliver it in a way that creates a one-to-one conversation across display, social, video, mobile, and web.

Create Connected Journeys

Interactive ads across screens and devices invite customers in, and sequential messaging guides them down the path to purchasing and repurchasing. Don’t just show them—engage with them.

One Customer, Many Devices

[24] uses proprietary algorithms to integrate and analyze behavior across displays. Identify your customer across devices and understand how they behave, so you can create better connections at every stage of the journey.

Better Analytics for Better Results

We combine big data analytics and comprehensive reporting to help you understand performance at every level: audience, channel, device, creative, and conversions—both online and offline. Keep learning, and keep improving.

Organizations that apply data-driven personalization techniques will outsell those that don't by 20%.

— Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age


Discover the Power of Personalization

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