[24]7 Predictive Chat

Anticipate and engage in real-time to drive sales acquisitions

[24]7 Chat maximizes online revenues by targeting and engaging the right customers at the right moment using intent-driven prediction. Leveraging 6 billion predictions a year across sales and marketing touchpoints, [24]7.ai brings AI to sales chat, to deliver as much as 30% of your total online revenue as incremental, or ‘net new’ revenue through chat.

[24]7 Chat goes where your customers are

What Makes Our Chat Different

Advanced Prediction

Leverage predictive models that anticipate a customer’s true intent and determine in real time who to engage, when to engage, and what to recommend. Unlike legacy ‘business rules’ or simple statistical techniques, our advanced models use structured and unstructured data from other channels to deliver 3X higher sales conversions and 15 to 20 point lifts in NPS compared to any other chat platform.

Full-funnel Analytics

As a managed service, leverage Big Data and advanced statistical techniques to continuously optimize not just visitor targeting, but every stage of the funnel. Leverage insights from customer behavior to improve agent performance and funnel efficiency.

Intuitive Customer Experiences

Imagine chat that is personalized and context-aware. Agents can push rich interactive elements to visitors in-line with the chat experience to reduce effort, increase conversion rates or aid task completion.

A Smarter Contact Center

Get a chat console redesigned for agents and team leads. The console supports delivery of intuitive experiences and significantly increases productivity and collaboration. Real-time text analysis enables highly targeted data-driven performance management for the contact center.

Ways to Chat

Web Chat

Use smart chat for online visitors on desktop browsers. Predict a customer’s true intent and determine in real time, who to engage, when to engage, and what to recommend to drive rich chat experiences.

Mobile Chat

Get chat optimized for mobile browsers, as well as a native SDK to integrate rich predictive chat into your apps.

Chat for Social Media

Seamlessly integrate predictive chat into Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, or communities.

Messaging for Facebook Messenger

Be where your customers are. Engage with them on Facebook Messenger to provide high-quality, consistent and on-brand service experiences and reduce support costs. [24]7.ai integrates smart notifications, chatbots and chat within a single continuous conversation in Facebook Messenger, on Facebook as well as in the Messenger app. Automate the process of delivering accurate answers to customer questions with the [24]7 Virtual Agent. Use live chat with [24]7 Chat and leverage prior context from the virtual agent and other events within the thread, so conversations can be more efficient and personalized.

Omnichannel Pairings with Chat

Virtual Agent to Chat

Drive seamless digital engagement by integrating intelligent virtual agents and rich predictive chat.

IVR to Chat

Intelligently serve qualified IVR callers with mobile chat, enabling fully attributable one-to-one deflection of qualified IVR callers to mobile chat.

Email to Chat

Embed chat into your email campaigns and landing pages to create direct engagement with targets and improve the ROI of your marketing.

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