Oct 10, 2023

[24]7.ai Quarterly Product Release Highlights Q2

By [24]7.ai

Omnichannel strategies have occupied the mindshare of all contact center leaders in their quest for future proofing CX and providing frictionless experiences to their customers across multiple touchpoints. As leaders in this space, [24]7.ai has always been at the forefront of CX evolution and here is the latest rundown on how we continue to deliver optimal experiences for your Agents and Customers.

Cloud Migration

Our digital and reporting services are now cloud-ready and can be deployed easily on GCP or any other cloud service in the future thereby enhancing our reliability, availability and diagnostics and providing a scalable suite, optimized operationally.

Cloud Migration

Transforming Agent Experience: Moving towards the ‘Omnichannel’ Agent console experience. 

  1. a. [24]7.ai's Performance Dashboard now provides enhanced information, that will enable a supervisor to make precise, data-driven decisions, and maintain seamless customer service even during fluctuating workloads. With data such as the breakdown of agents and their status, Count of Logged in Agents, and half-hourly real-time stats, a supervisor can better understand who is available to take calls at any given time.

    performance dashboard
  2. b. 2-way Messaging via SMS:Our latest release improves 2-way messaging capabilities on the SMS channel, allowing agents to initiate proactive conversations. Agents can now reach out to customers with follow-ups and timely updates by efficiently managing concurrent interactions, thereby moving from one-way incident management to bi-directional relationships. They can activate parked or inactive conversations, using the customer's phone number as an identifier, and trigger an SMS. Once the customer responds, the interaction seamlessly becomes a full-fledged conversation. Agents can also view past interactions for a comprehensive understanding of customer history. With this feature, multiple teams can communicate with the same customer simultaneously, enabling businesses to deliver timely updates, personalized offers, and proactive support to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

  3. c. APIs to integrate with 3rd party Workforce Management (WFM) providers (e.g. Calabrio) to access real-time data (agent/queue stats). These REST APIs, which are refreshed every 30 seconds, allow integration with third-party Workforce Management (WFM) providers and provide real-time insights into agent occupancy and queue status for workforce trend analysis, scheduling, and forecasting.

  4. d. Integrating [24]7 Answers with [24]7 Assist via a web widget enables agents to search FAQs from the relevant Answers interface for the LOB they work on. This integration enables agent-specific tracking of FAQ usage through reports on ‘time spent in console’ and ‘search & feedback’. The web widget's versatility facilitates integrating other iFramable web applications to agent workspace for future use cases.

    • This integration provides agent statistics that associate important feedback of the knowledge base to the actual agent.
    • It aligns access to knowledge base to specified agents via built-in multi-factor authentication
    • It provides an adaptation layer to the host of agent facing technologies, thereby allowing incremental provisioning of future tech without the complex IT management of whitelisted URLs

Conversation Automation 

Interaction Continuity across devices with User Identity Resolution

Our latest Messaging feature allows customers to switch devices or browsers during web chats without losing their conversation history. By authenticating users with their phone number/ email address and a One Time Password (OTP), agents and users gain complete access to the chat history. This eliminates the need for users to repeatedly furnish information to agents and guarantees uninterrupted conversations and quicker issue resolution, even if they engage via multiple devices or browsers. Users can also choose to chat as a Guest if they prefer not to share information.  

conversation automation

This ensures a single continuous conversation from the visitor's perspective, even across multiple interactions. Brands can deliver better customer satisfaction and reduced AHT by resolving users' issues seamlessly across devices and browsers. 

Advanced Conversational Analytics 

Our latest Reporting Enhancements contribute to improved agent performance, better customer satisfaction, and optimized resource allocation:

  1. a. Call Transfer Metrics such as "Transfer Identifier", "Transferred Leg Counts" and "Survey Transfer Rate" can now be used to optimize processes by presenting an accurate view of transfers and to identify gaps in offering Exit surveys to customers.

  2. b. Conversation segment reporting to provide a comprehensive view of transfers, to understand the flow of conversations and the effectiveness of handoffs. WFM tools can analyze the true volume into queues, track direct and transferred calls accurately, and gain accurate agent-level metrics.

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