Jan 24, 2022

Winner! Frost and Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

Becky Davis
By Becky Davis

Analyst Relations Manager

[24]7.ai™ is beyond proud to receive Frost and Sullivan’s 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award for “Excellence in Best Practices” in the customer experience (CX) industry. Frost & Sullivan reserves its Customer Value Leadership recognition for “companies at the innovation and growth forefront of their respective industries,” giving this award to the company whose products or services are “superior for overall price, performance, and quality.”

Best Practices: Agent Retention

Under the “Agent Retention Improves Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience” heading, Frost & Sullivan wrote:

[24]7.ai brought together its vast experience with people, processes, and technology, leveraged its deep AI knowledge, and utilized the rigorous Accelerating Consistent Excellence (ACE) approach to:

  • Find the best talent and effectively teach them the skills they need
  • Provide career growth opportunities for future leaders through mentorship
  • Help teams stay motivated by creating a collaborative and fun environment
  • Use AI to improve agent performance and satisfaction through targeted training based on agent needs
  • Assist agents during interactions by bringing in very relevant information from disparate databases and relieving them of tedious tasks

Best Practices: Improving NPS & CSAT

Under the “[24]7.ai Improves its Customers’ Ability to Maintain Brand Loyalty in a Digital World” heading, Frost & Sullivan wrote:

  • [24]7.ai has successfully moved customers to self-service and maintained or improved CSAT scores for its clients. [24]7.ai uses a holistic approach blending the human experience with machine learning to take advantage of both worlds, maximizing agent performance, and boosting CSAT scores. [24]7.ai has a competitive advantage in AI with over twenty years of experience with contact center data.
  • [24]7.ai's customers report dramatic improvements in NPS and CSAT scores, as well as revenue increases and cost reduction. Consumers feel content solving their problems on their own.
  • [24]7.ai stands by its containment capabilities in its contract with customers by promising to reach 20% containment within the first week using an informational bot, 40% within three months, and 60% within six months using the transactional bot.

Frost & Sullivan [24]7.ai Award Writeup: Conclusion

Here’s the full Conclusion from the Frost & Sullivan [24]7.ai Award writeup:

The fact that happy employees equal happy customers is a given. The questions are how companies can maintain a happy staff in the emotional roller coaster world of customer care, and more importantly, how can they do this in a cost-effective way? Empowering employees with the right tools to make their jobs easier with support from agent-assist AI, training modules, and transparent governance; creating the best work environment with opportunities to feel connected with the company and ways to relieve pressure; and understanding cultural and flexible schedule needs are the ingredients for a successful recipe. When agents stay longer with a company, cost efficiencies are amplified. As a leading contact center outsourcer, [24]7.ai is dialed into how to deliver on all of these aspects.

With its strong overall performance, [24]7.ai earns Frost & Sullivan's 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award.

Frost and Sullivan Award Criteria

Award Criteria and Analysis

To determine the 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award winner (us!), Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated the criteria listed below.

Business Impact

Financial Performance: Strong overall financial performance in terms of revenues, revenue growth, operating margin, and other key financial metrics.

Customer Acquisition: Customer-facing processes support efficient and consistent new customer acquisition while enhancing customer retention.

Operational Efficiency: Company staff performs assigned tasks productively, quickly, and to a high-quality standard.

Growth Potential: Growth is fostered by a strong customer focus that strengthens the brand and reinforces customer loyalty.

Human Capital: Commitment to quality and to customers characterize the company culture, which in turn enhances employee morale and retention.

Customer Impact

Price/Performance Value: Products or services provide the best value for the price compared to similar market offerings.

Customer Purchase Experience: Quality of the purchase experience assures customers they are buying the optimal solution for addressing their unique needs and constraints.

Customer Ownership Experience: Customers proudly own the company's product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service.

Customer Service Experience: Customer service is accessible, fast, stress-free, and high quality.

Brand Equity: Customers perceive the brand positively and exhibit high brand loyalty.

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