Mar 16, 2021

Transform CX with Conversational AI-Powered IVR Technology

John Gaffney
By John Gaffney

Vice President, Voice Commerce

Many customers still prefer to pick up the phone when they need help—particularly for more complex tasks or needs. In fact, the global pandemic has driven up call volumes as customers are turning to the phone in place of in-person service.

To deliver the high-quality, satisfying experiences customers expect without driving operational costs through the roof, you need to increase automation with a modern IVR system.

What Makes a Modern AI IVR System?

Automated phone systems get a bad reputation, but that’s only when they’re based on outdated technology with limited options and capabilities. Today’s AI conversational IVR technology does so much more than guide callers through an answer-tree type menu.

Modern IVR understands and responds to natural language, resolves many customer issues without escalating, and routes calls to the right agent if needed. And that’s just the beginning—modern IVR technology contains 60-70 percent of calls. That translates to huge operational cost savings, making it possible to manage a greater volume of calls without increasing your overhead. Plus, your customers will love it.

Key AI IVR Components: AI Speech Recognition, Neural Text-to-Speech, and More

Modernizing your voice channel requires a number of key components. First, you need conversation automation. This means rather than forcing customers to select from pre-set menu options, the IVR technology carries on a two-way conversation and understands what customers are saying.

Conversation automation requires advanced natural language and AI speech recognition capabilities. Neural text-to-speech technology creates natural-sounding voice prompts as needed—so your AI IVR system sounds human, not robotic. AI-powered IVR technology predicts what a customer is trying to do and responds accordingly, boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Modern IVR Elevates CX, Centralizes Management, and Cuts Costs

Modern AI IVR technology authenticates callers using voice inputs such as voice biometrics rather than security questions or passcodes, which are easy to forget. Real-time call verification prevents fraud by routing suspicious calls through additional authentication steps. It's all about making things easier for callers while also keeping their sensitive information secure.

Solutions with fast development capabilities ensure you keep up with rapid changes and don’t have to wait on—or pay—the vendor to get things done. These capabilities include intuitive self-service tools for building conversational content and structure, building and tuning natural language models, onboarding new users, and more.

A unified platform further reduces costs, enabling you to build models once and deploy them across, and optimize them on, any channel. And centralizing control on a single platform makes it easier to deliver a consistent brand experience.

The Modern IVR Technology Platform: Connecting the Dots

Add a digital connectivity element to your conversational IVR platform to truly transform calls and wow your customers by, for example, pushing interactive content to a caller’s screen. An advanced AI IVR technology platform sees a caller’s web activity and uses that information to personalize the conversation. It even connects voice and digital channels to deflect calls and lower costs.

Get your CX quickly up to speed with a solution that integrates easily with your call center technology, including ACD and CTI systems. Extend your ROI by using your IVR system to manage outbound campaigns, and use voice of the customer analytics to uncover even more value. The right IVR technology platform includes out-of-the-box reporting and monitoring dashboards.

Take the Next Step

Modern AI-powered, conversational IVR technology systems deliver a wide range of business benefits—from improving customer experience to reducing support costs.

To learn more, download our Modernize the Customer Experience with Conversational IVR eBook.

Or visit our Modernize Your IVR web page.

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