Choosing the Right Intelligent Virtual Assistant for your Contact Center

[24] | January 30, 2020

The advancing capabilities of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs, a.k.a. virtual agents, chatbots) are driving dramatic improvements in customer experience and helping contact centers contain costs while improving agent productivity.

As customers grow more accustomed to interacting with bots on a regular basis, their expectations for these interactions are changing. Whether engaging via phone, a digital channel, or a combination of both (according to Microsoft, 66% of consumers use three different channels when contacting customer service) they want to converse naturally, the way they would with friends and family. Seems simple enough – the only problem is, not all IVAs can deliver.

Early generation IVAs simply can’t compete with today’s intelligent systems. Legacy systems are unable to retain context, and can only handle one single intent at a time, making the conversation disjointed and unnatural for customers – a far cry from the experiences they expect. And forcing customers to deal with this kind of system can cost you – 33% of customers say they’re likely to switch companies after just one bad customer service experience.

Conversely, today’s intelligent virtual assistants offer natural, human-like experiences that make it simple for customers to get the answers or assistance they need.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants Legacy Virtual Assistants
  Handle multiple intents simultaneously   Single intents
  Retain context and predict next steps   Can’t retain context
  Natural, human-like conversations   Can’t carry on natural conversations
  On par with the best human agents   Disjointed, frustrating experiences

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