Apr 25, 2022

Contact Center Reporting Updates to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud (March 2022)

Ananth Srinivasan
By Ananth Srinivasan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Good things come to those who wait. Fortunately, our customers don’t wait long—we release [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ enhancements every month!

In this blog I’ll describe the top March 2022 updates in contact center reporting.

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Contact center reporting updates: Improve IVR containment

Why do so many of your IVR customers escalate to agents? Reveal opportunities to improve IVR containment with new Voice Node reports, which give you an overarching view of IVR call volume and a granular view into all conversation nodes traversed by your IVR customers

  • Glean insights into which specific nodes are causing abandonment and escalations.
  • Guide strategic improvements to improve IVR containment and resolution.

Contact center reporting updates: Evaluate AI-driven advice

How can you tell if [24]7 Assist™ AI-driven recommendations are improving your agents’ capabilities and improving CSAT? With a new agent assist report that analyzes AI recommendations at the agent and interaction levels.

  • Optimize recommendations by gleaning insights into how agents react to AI recommendations (used or downvoted).
  • Optimize results, and improve Average Handle Time and CSAT, by strategically improving your knowledge base, articles, and other systems that feed the recommendation engine.

Contact center reporting updates: Uncover self-serve IVR insights

Are you getting the expected returns from your investment in self-serve IVR? Dig into key IVR channel use cases with new reports: Voice interaction report for outcomes and details; voice interaction intent report for insights into identified customer intents, escalations, and resolutions; and dialog, task, and API reports for insights into call flow.

  • See the big picture for IVR-specific customer experiences and operations.
  • Uncover escalation reasons and identify areas to improve at an individual-call or dialog level.
  • Socialize key findings with stakeholders by easily building custom dashboards.

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