Messaging Poised to Redefine the Customer Experience

[24] | April 07, 2016

In our continuing effort to redefine the way businesses interact with consumers, we’re always looking for ways to meet customers where they are, predict what they want and provide efficient service. Consumers don’t want more – they want fewer, better ways to connect with businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced [24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger, automated self-service technology that empowers businesses to anticipate and act on their consumers’ needs. [24] is the first company to offer automated self-service through an intelligent virtual agent within Messenger, along with easy escalation to a live chat agent when further assistance is needed.

In the past year, we have witnessed the incredible evolution of messaging apps. Consumers can do everything from hailing an Uber to tracking the status of their latest purchase. The customer experience industry is making major advances in conversational technologies and chatbots that will become the starting point for almost all customer service interactions. Smart chatbot technology that delivers instant information, and knows when to transfer a consumer to a live agent, will make it even easier for businesses to provide efficient service within a convenient, user-friendly channel.

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Traditionally, customer engagement channels such as web, phone and chat have been isolated from each other, resulting in frustration for consumers who lose context each time they switch channels, and increased customer support, retention and acquisition costs for businesses. Using our solution, businesses can provide their customers with the ability to initiate a query using natural language and receive accurate responses within seconds. Built on predictive models that anticipate a consumer’s intent, our technology provides automated self-service through an intelligent chatbot and determines when to escalate a consumer’s query to a live chat agent.

[24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger empowers companies to:

  • Send customers proactive and personalized updates like order status, shipping confirmation, and more with rich templates and layouts
  • Respond to common queries in a conversational way using a Virtual Agent, powered by advanced Natural Language technology from [24], or connect customers to a live chat agent
  • Preserve the context of previous interactions within the thread, enabling live chat agents to see prior activity from the Virtual Agent and other events so conversations can be more efficient and personalized
  • Enable consumers to continue interactions across devices and channels without losing the context of their query

In addition to providing consumers a richer engagement experience, [24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger reduces the cost associated with post-order customer service. Previous conversations are accessible in Messenger, including order tracking and shipping details. As a result, businesses can reduce contacts from other channels and eliminate up to 40% of post-order inquiries. Businesses can also drive a 3% to 8% lift in customer satisfaction (CSAT) and lower Average Handle Time (AHT) by 2 to 3 minutes with shorter, more effective conversations.

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With our integration, businesses have a unique opportunity to offer an enterprise-grade customer service experience through a platform that is rapidly changing the way companies and consumers interact.