Continuous Journeys

64% of customers go to your website before calling. [24]7 AIVA Conversational IVR connects to your digital channels to personalize the call so that callers can seamlessly continue their interaction – boosting first contact resolution (FCR) and improving the experience.


[24]7 AIVA, Conversational IVR Delivers Results


Saved in handle time per call


reduction in Repeat calls


increase in IVR containment rate for a leading insurer


average improvement in NPS

Augmenting basic IVR systems with the latest technologies creates a new category of self-service platform: Conversational Voice Response (CVR).

Opus Research, Conversational Voice Response, Bringing the Best Tech
Forward, 2018

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Natural Language

Enable a comfortable, two-way dialogue with your customers

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AI-Powered Voice

Understand languages, accents, and slang to boost CSAT

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Web Aware IVR

64% of customer journeys begin online
- Forrester

Streamline Voice Interactions With AI Conversational IVR


  • Modern Voice
  • AI-Powered Speech
  • Integrated IVR & Chat
  • Virtual Agents
  • Visual IVR
  • OmniChannel Models
  • Call Verification
  • The Evolution of Voice

    Traditional IVR has transformed into modern voice. Predict caller intent, go digital with a visual IVR system, reduce hold times with real-time switch to chat, and speak naturally with virtual assistants.

  • Give Customers What They Want—and More

    Eliminate traditional yes/no decision trees and outdated IVR, which leave customers dissatisfied. [24]7 AIVA conversational IVR transforms the user experience with our full AI technology stack: text-to-speech (TTS), deep neural networks driven speech-to-text (STT), natural language understanding (NLU) and intent prediction. At a time when every moment matters, consumers want fast simplicity - [24] makes it happen.

  • Power a Faster, Less Expensive Session

    Say goodbye to long holds and give your customers immediate service—no more waiting in queue. Saving time reduces your cost per contact as well as drop-off rates, while still maintaining or boosting CSAT. With IVR2Chat, everyone wins.

  • Intelligent Automation

    Most smartphone owners today regularly use their voice assistants because they’re so convenient. Now, you can offer the same convenience through IVR or home personal assistants. Reduce traditional live agent costs (average is $5 - $6 per call: multiple sources) significantly with a conversational virtual assistant that can complete the call.

  • Calls You Can See, Too

    Make it even easier for callers to get things done with Vivid Speech. Deliver a mobile app-like experience with interactive images on their phone, without interrupting the call – simplify self service for intents such as travel reservations, purchases, and offer agreements. Boost conversions and retention while decreasing average handle time (AHT).

  • Customize Intent Prediction Models

    Review, deploy and tune out-of-the-box vertical models from the visually driven modeling workbench. Quickly adapt existing digital models for voice to provide a consistent experience across channels. Continuously improve and adapt natural language processing models as your business and customers evolve.

    247ai_AIVA_Models and Datasets.png
  • Flag Suspicious Calls to Stop Fraud Before it Starts

    Every call contains metadata that reveals the path it took through the phone network. Call Verification analyzes that data against a one-of-a-kind map of 3 million pathways to instantly, and definitively verify every call's journey from start to finish. Protect against fraud while delivering a better experience – reduced AHT, improved self-service and higher NPS.


The average consumer is using their voice assistant more than they were before, and will use it even more in the future.

Price Waterhouse Coopers, "Consumer Intelligence Series: Prepare for the voice revolution", 2018


Succeed with Virtual Personal Assistant

[24]7 AIVA integrates seamlessly


Works with Google Home

Consumers Say 'Make It Personal' with Voice

VPA use is on the rise—three out of every four consumers use voice assistants at home, and young users are adopting faster than anyone. This means voice interactions are more important than ever. [24]7 AIVA integrates seamlessly with VPAs to give consumers a simple, easy way to get things done in their channel of choice. Start the conversation today.


Works with Amazon Echo

Expand Your Reach to More Voice Channels

Most consumers are only using VPAs for simple things, because they don't trust them to complete trickier tasks. By seamlessly integrating VPAs with [24]7 AIVA, you can extend the reach of both—enable natural conversations with the top-ranked virtual assistants to easily complete more complex tasks for the millions of consumers using virtual personal assistants. Book flights, compare products, resolve issues, or connect with a live agent when needed.


AI-Powered Speech Empowers a Retail and E-Commerce Leader


Call containment
per month


Improved call


Customer support
cost savings



How To Buy

  • Conversational AI Voice bot
  • Standard speech recognition grammars (US English)
  • DNN speech recognition
  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • International language set
  • Call recording (10%)
  • Inbound Telephony VoIP or TDM
  • Outbound Telephony VoIP
  • Operational Reporting

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