Jul 30, 2021

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ June Release: Self-Serve Rules

Bruce Dembecki
Bruce Dembecki

Senior Director, Product Management

June Release: Self-Serve Rules

With the June 2021 release of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™, we doubled down on enabling our customers to do more, more quickly, on their own. Read all about the the platform’s powered-up self-serve capabilities as well as its other new benefits and enhanced features, below.

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud: What’s New

[24]7 Target™ gets Automated Personalization, a brand-new feature that speeds the customer journey by funneling customers to chat.

  • Analyze conversational trends and customer interactions to identify and target high-value customers.
    • Enables customers to click ads and other creative and jump straight into a conversation.
    • Connects consumers to the right agent or employee through integrated chat and chatbots.
  • Improved self-service for customers using for the Card Designer and Assist Admin features, and [24]7 Answers™ and [24]7 Voices™ products includes:
    • The Card Designer simplifies design with several new self-serve enhancements.
    • Assist Admin now enables you to create and update multiple agents’ properties and configurations from a single Engagement Cloud user interface.
    • [24]7 Answers offers increased contrast and legibility in its content authoring capabilities for low-vision users.
    • [24]7 Voices offers improved self-serve capabilities through three new enhancements.

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud: What’s the Same

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud empowers both experts and nontechnical users to rapidly diagnose customer intents and to build, automate, monitor, and optimize customer service and sales journeys through intuitive, self-serve interfaces. With virtual agents and human agents working in tandem, you'll deliver the responsive, effortless, anytime-anywhere service your customers expect!

Take the Next Step

There’s much more in the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud June 2021 release than we can share here so …

For the complete list of new and enhanced [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud features, visit the June 2021 Release web page.

For a more complete overview of our industry-leading customer engagement platform, visit the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ Product web page.

For a peek into the individual products in the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud platform, visit the Products web page.

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