Jun 14, 2021

May Release: [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud Digital Product Suite

John Gaffney
By John Gaffney

Vice President, Voice Commerce

Since the September 2020 launch of our industry-leading Conversational AI platform, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™, our development team has hewed to an aggressive product release cycle. Each release delivers innovation and builds on our mission: Make it easy for our customers to transform customer experience with artificial intelligence and human insight (AI + HI).

We want to take a moment to sincerely thank our global, cross-functional teams for their immense resiliency and agility. Under very challenging circumstances, they’ve made it possible for us to regularly deliver remarkable platform updates. 

Today we are excited to share some of the compelling features in the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud May release. 

[24]7 Assist: Schedule Outbound Messaging 

Drive effective marketing campaigns and customer care conversations, increase conversion rates, reduce calls, lower operational costs, and create rich conversation experiences. The [24]7 Assist™ Outbound Messaging widget, integrated in the [24]7 Assist agent console, enables digital agents to compose and send/schedule outbound messages so they may proactively connect with customers through SMS, Customers can reply and continue the conversation via messaging. 

may release 1

[24]7 Assist: Agent Assist Powered by Answers

Reduce new agents’ dependency on subject matter experts, onboard them more quickly, improve first call resolution, and shorten average response times. The Agent Assist feature in [24]7 Digital Assist™ now integrates with [24]7 Answers™, enabling agents and bots to access a FAQ repository for consistent, up-to-date, sharable information from [24]7 Answers as well as from [24]7.ai Information Retrieval Service and Google Contact Center AI (CCAI). This feature provides agents with real-time, contextual FAQ recommendations, boosting agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

may release 2

Self-Serve Reporting and Personas-Based Dashboards

Get the data and insights you need to make intelligent and informed business decisions. [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud now features new self-serve, personas-based reporting, enabling access to the right information for every type of Engagement Cloud user. We extend dashboard views from the builder persona to digital head, business analyst, operations, and other personas. Build your own dashboard capability using twenty-two different data views for digital products, including [24]7 Assist, messaging, and bots. 

may release 3

[24]7 Conversations: Build Personalized Bots 

Improve CSAT and NPS with bots that understand the communication context to provide users with a personalized experience.

  • Base personalization on the communication channel, profile information, or history of communication when the user is chatting with the bot on messaging channels.
  • Base personalization on your business criteria. Bots route important business intents to a skilled human agent based on day or time, or provide different greeting messages based on business criteria such as hours of operations, holiday sessions, or special days. 
may release 4

Take the Next Step

Of course, there is much more in the May [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud release than we shared here (including bug fixes, enhancements to our technology platform, and boosted performance). 

For more information, email us or visit our Contact Us page.

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