Customers want self service at their fingertips when and where they need it. They also demand a great experience. [24]7 AIVA introduces advanced conversational AI that can detect emotion, respond empathetically, and take logical actions just like your best human agent.

Easier for Customers

Customers prefer self service, but some experiences require a human touch. [24]7 AIVA virtual agent understands when a customer is angry or frustrated and responds accordingly—escalating to a live agent with context so customers never have to start over.

Easier for Enterprises

Keep up with increasing volumes and consumer demand with AI-powered self-service tools that deliver a superior customer experience. Reduce support costs, grow digital adoption and containment, and improve customer satisfaction.


What’s New in the Summer 2018 Release

AI that understands.
  • Meet the First Virtual Agent with Emotional Intelligence

    An empathetic response elevates the customer experience. From moderate frustration to an unhappy customer, [24]7 AIVA leverages AI to interpret complex layers and variable meanings, detecting emotions and responding accordingly.

  • Self-Service Modeling Tools Demystify AI
  • Enhanced Insight into Omnichannel Customer Journeys

    In this release of [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics, our Single Journey Viewer provides a consolidated view of customer engagement, including interactions across channels and transactions across systems, for improved customer service and complaint resolution. And with the unstructured data player, analysts can also get to root cause quicker by listening to calls and reading chat transcripts from within the workspace.

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Release Overview: Summer 2018

Learn how we’re using AI to deliver empathetic virtual agents that increase self service with a human touch.

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