September 2020 Release

One experience across any channel manages messaging, web, and voice.


[24] Engagement Cloud Release

SaaS puts the power to control the best customer experiences in your hands


[24] Engagement Cloud empowers brands to easily build, manage, and deploy intent-based conversational AI messaging experiences. With the focus on ‘One Experience’ across all our application layers, it is the single place to configure and optimize all [24] products and features while providing customers a consistent messaging experience across all channels. Easy to use SaaS tools allow our clients to build the most engaging experiences for their customers. With features for both technical and non-technical teams, anyone can quickly assemble a CX experience for their customers while providing an efficient workflow for human agents and virtual assistants.

What's new in this release:

[24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud is an integrated platform for the omnichannel customer engagement needs of an enterprise. The heart of Engagement Cloud is our new Unified Platform, giving you all the SaaS powered self-help tools needed to securely deploy, manage and report on CX activities. This will help you boost your customer’s experience by using the leading conversational AI tools in the market. From configuring a new messaging channel to updating the responses from your virtual assistant, the new Unified Platform puts all the controls in your hands. SaaS business modules enable customers to add and configure conversational AI chatbots and other features on their own. Of course, you can still leverage our skilled professional services teams to provide all the expertise you need.

[24]7 Conversations

[24]7 Conversations

Conversations allows you to create, deploy and manage bots across multiple channels, pulling all your bots into one easy to manage tool. The Conversation Builder offers a graphical interface that lets you easily create automated conversations. Create one bot that can be deployed to multiple channels and leverage the same intents and processes to implement in the IVR channel. Using a single system will help manage costs and allow your teams to more easily maintain, modify and optimize your digital and voice bots. Additional bots can be easily deployed to focus on different workflows (customer service, order processing, HR etc.) and still attached to multiple channels

Assist Icon

[24]7 Assist

Assist packages all our existing optional agent tool sets together to offer the right technology and relevant context at your Agents' fingertips to best serve your customers.

  • [24]7 Digital Assist is our unified, AI-powered agent console. With this release, agent management is made simpler with an easy-to-use unified portal that puts you in control. This release has a new feature, Agent Assist AI, that will advance the console's capability to offer context-aware information and ready-to-use responses to your agents, helping them serve customers faster and better. 
  • Assist Widget for CRM: Now you can embed [24]7 Digital Assist into Salesforce Service Cloud with Assist Widget for CRM. It is the perfect choice for brands looking for the best conversational AI platform that integrates and functions optimally within their Salesforce CRM system.
  • [24]7 Active Share empowers agents to deliver relevant, visually-rich content to customers during a call. Now Active Share seamlessly combines enterprise data through API integration. This enhancement enables Active Cards to securely fetch data from your CRM systems and visitor's responses to be stored in your systems automatically and in real-time. Image sharing is a new feature allowing customers to take and share pictures during voice calls in real-time and simplifying interactions, and expanding use cases.
[24]7 Voices

[24]7 Voices

Take your IVR experience to the next level with leading speech technologies. Get the industry’s smartest IVR solution, leveraging Microsoft’s latest speech engine for Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT). In our latest release Voices now offers Whole Call Recording options, advanced TTS and STT features, and even Telco providers to help you connect with your customers.