Apr 9, 2021

Business Process Outsourcing Cloud Call Center Solutions

By [24]7.ai

Cloud Call Center Solutions

Cloud-based business process outsourcing call centers or web-based platforms that handle customer communications, help business reduce costs and maximize efficiency. By modernizing call centers with these solutions, companies can enhance customer experience with both digital and voice interactions. With the ability to streamline communications, cloud call centers offer a modern and optimized alternative to traditional call centers.


Benefits of cloud call center solutions


Here are some benefits that cloud call center solutions offer:


Become more efficient


Using cloud call center solutions for inquiries instead of manually responding to each question or issue a customer has can help your company become both more time and cost efficient. This can give your employees more bandwidth to handle core operations and processes.


Give agents automated advice


Agents can get virtual assistance to improve their performance. Cloud call center solutions offer features that can give agents valuable insights, including coaching on interactions and relevant articles.


Quick set-up


As opposed to traditional call centers, which can take months to set up, cloud contact centers can be deployed much more quickly. Because these solutions are already set up, you may be able to start using your call center in a matter of hours.


Improve customer experience


Cloud call centers can optimize how your company communicates with customers. Artificial intelligence systems can personalize each customer’s experience with features such as regional greetings and contextual responses.


Gain customer insights


With machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), cloud call center solutions give your company access to important information on customers’ preferences and behavior.


Features of cloud call center solutions


Cloud call center solutions can offer the following features for your business:


Geographically distributed teams


Cloud call center software lets you deploy agents from any location, allowing for business continuity and added flexibility. Having agents in different geographical locations and time zones can allow customers to get assistance around the clock.


Call queueing and routing


With call/custom routing and queueing, cloud call centers can connect customers with agents more quickly. This can help reduce wait times and call abandonment, keeping your customers satisfied.


Custom data integration


Custom data integrations help agents access relevant context to personalize customer experience, with custom voice greetings, insights into your customers’ preferences, and agent routing based on skills.


Recorded calls


Cloud contact centers record all calls, allowing your company to reference high-quality interactions in trainings and find ways to improve performance.


Advanced security


Masking patterns hide personal phone numbers and other secure information from agents’ conversations with customers once the interactions are complete.


Boost customer satisfaction with our cloud-based call center solutions

[24]7.ai offers cloud call center solutions that can empower your business and improve customer communication across digital, voice, and messaging channels. Here are some of the services we offer:

Power your customer engagement with [24]7 Conversations


[24]7 Conversations™ or conversational message chatbot and IVR services, help increase efficiency and optimize customer interactions. Using machine efficiency, conversational AI, and human experience, [24]7 Conversations lets your customers connect with your brand how they want, with a familiar experience across all communication channels.


We offer the following product features to help enhance customer experience:

  • Card designer
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Intent classification
  • Seamless escalation
  • Content management tools
  • Vertical ontologies
  • Sentiment detection


[24]7 Digital Assist reimagines the agent experience and engagement


[24]7 Digital Assist™ improves agents’ experience by giving them the tools they need to provide customers with personal and optimized interactions. Our intuitive and unified AI-assisted interface lets agents receive contextual response recommendations to improve conversation quality. We also offer prioritized queueing and smart routing that can lower wait times and get your customers to the agents suited for their needs.


Here are the product features we offer:

  • Unified agent console
  • Advanced routing and queueing
  • Lead console
  • Reports and dashboards
  • AI-enabled agent-assist
  • Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) integration
  • Digital cards and co-browse
  • Robust security
  • CRM/enterprise data integration


[24]7 Digital Assist integrates with CRM systems and enterprise applications to provide agents with a holistic view of customers. These combined solutions give agents access to important customer data to personalize experiences and make your customers happy.


[24]7 Voices: advanced IVR call automation


[24]7 Voices™ offers automated voice solutions to create an exceptional customer experience. With an AI-powered and IVR-automated system, Voices can predict customer intent and allow for personalized self-service. Our virtual agents can answer customer inquiries with ease using conversational AI systems.


Here are some product features that [24]7 Voices can offer your company:

  • Advance speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech IVR
  • AI-powered dialogue
  • Fraud prevention
  • Vivid speech
  • Web-aware IVR
  • IVR to chat
  • IVR analytics

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Cloud call center solutions: frequently asked questions


What features are provided in the cloud call center?


Cloud call center solutions offer many features designed to optimize agent and customer experience. Some features may include AI chatbots, agent assist, call routing, call recording, and access to digital channels.


What is the best call center solution?


The best call center solutions provide agents with tools they need to improve communication quality and give customers a personalized experience with each interaction. [24]7.ai solutions use AI and human intelligence to help optimize all call center operations.


How do cloud call center solutions work?


Cloud call centers give agents an internet-accessible platform to connect with customers. Using digital and voice channels, these solutions modernize the way that call centers work. Cloud call centers use cloud telephony technology and AI assistance to help companies improve customer interactions.


Why do companies use cloud-based call center solutions?


Cloud call center solutions allow companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. Compared to traditional call centers, cloud call centers are quicker to set up and use modern features to allow for better communications between agents and customers.