Aug 24, 2021

[24]7 Answers™ (Search)—Product Insights

Vinoth Govind
By Vinoth Govind

Director, Strategic Insights

To gauge the impact of our products, we regularly review their activity and performance trends. 

[24]7 Answers™ is our tool for creating interactive customer experiences out of FAQs, policies, product information, and more. However, please note: These charts reflect the product’s search-engine capabilities only.

Below we showcase Q1 2021 trends in the following categories:

  • Volume Trend
  • Answer Rate
  • Entry Points
  • Questions per Session
  • Knowledgebase Rating
  • Response View Rate


Product Insights—Volume Trend: Going Up

Product Insights Graph

[24]7 Answers search traffic was up 11 percent QoQ; the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) vertical contributed the bulk of that increase, aided by Education. Average unique sessions came in at over 11 million per month.


Product Insights—Answer Rate: Stabilizing

Product Insights Graph

The Answer Rate bounced back to 95 percent after a weak Energy sector performance pulled it down in November 2020. The highest and lowest performing areas were Education (about 99 percent) and the American airlines (about 86 percent) industries, respectively.


Product Insights—Entry Points: Top FAQs Still Tops

Product Insights Graph

The most common way consumers initiate a [24]7 Answers search? Selecting the “Top FAQs” list is the top choice for between 40-45 percent of users. The share of Manual Entry searches bumped up as more consumers looked for custom-tailored information.


Product Insights—Questions per Session: One and Done

Product Insights Graph

Ninety-five percent of search sessions end after customers ask just one or two questions. The upshot: Virtually every customer wants quick and concise assistance.


Product Insights—Knowledgebase Rating: Solid

Product Insights Graph

A large majority of customers were happy with the search-suggested knowledgebase articles. In fact, their ratings were up 3 percent QoQ; most of this gain derived from Fin-Tech, where ratings improved 11 percent (59 to 70 percent).


Product Insights—Response View Rate: Nearly Perfect

Product Insights Graph

About 98 percent of customers view the virtual agent responses served up. This metric helps us gauge the relevancy to customers of virtual agent-recommended knowledgebase articles.


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