Nov 28, 2022

Working the hybrid model with company culture

By [24]7.ai

Engaging the ‘new’ employee

With companies making decisions on who to bring back to the office and who to let work remote, the top-of-mind mood at the moment is how to keep attrition under control. Leaders need to know how to offer unified work policies that underpin the company culture, that value the employee, and that also contribute to the overall objectives of the organization. In order to do so, it would help for businesses to think from their employee’s perspective or even ask them directly in order to create a work environment where everyone feels appreciated irrespective of where or when they are working.

Balancing the hybrid work culture

Companies will need to plan and prepare in order to create a cohesive work culture. Here are some thoughts on how to attract and retain employees in a hybrid work culture:

Ensure employees are equipped

Whether your employees are working remotely or on-premises, it is best to give them the structure, amenities and interactions they get from the workplace. It is best to categorize the employee role along with the choice of location, and provide them with the right technologies and tools to facilitate productive interactions and results

Provide equal benefit

One of the biggest challenges is to ensure that both remote and in-office employees feel treated equally - be it in terms of pay, career advancements or recognition. It often happens that remote workers feel like they aren’t able to contend equally in terms of career opportunities as they are not physically closer to the decision-makers and it is up to the leaders to close the gap.

Build a digital community

When teams are dispersed, an ideal way is to create a virtual environment where people can track work tasks, communicate better, and reach out to each other for quick resolutions or knowledge shares. It’s best if it is done through technologies used by the company itself with zones where employees can utilize it for either formal or informal communications

Build a remote meeting syste

It is a time and effort saver when meetings are held with specific schedules and agendas with employees being made aware of them ahead of time. It is greatly beneficial for employees to conduct their meeting with individual devices as remote employees may feel isolated when they see their counterparts attend in groups. A highly controversial subject is that of being on or off video and it is best to give the employee the option to opt in or out. At best, a policy can be created where employees attend for the first few minutes of greeting before logging off depending on how they feel for a more focused session

Employee engagement activities

It is vital for companies to keep employees motivated with deliberately planned cross-team interactions such as dress code relaxations, holding virtual happy hours with games, mixers, hobby/talent shares and more, making the opportunity for one-on-one time with their leaders, and providing stress management and wellness practices to ensure that employees feel inclusive despite their location.

WFH security practices

The WFH alternative has heightened the need to safeguard cybersecurity breaches, protect the client and company privacy. It’s best to ensure that employees follow strict protocols to refrain from exposing sensitive data such as using unsecured wi-fi, using company devices for personal use, or revealing data with risky practices.

It is completely possible to make the hybrid model work for your business and your employees. However, the potential of its competitiveness is entirely reliant on how your company makes the culture work. With employees having gotten accustomed to the concept of flexibility, this approach to work seems to be the way of the future and perhaps it is good for companies to shape their culture around it. To learn about the best practices of hybrid agent operations, click here to connect with us: Contact [24]7 Request (247.ai)

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