AI with an EQ: Virtual Agents that Understand Customer Intent

Realize the synergies: human agents and chatbots working together to solve more problems more efficiently.

Personalize Automation

Personalize Automation

Personalize effective customer self-service, from simple FAQs to complete conversations to fulfilled transactions, complete all tasks with one end-to-end virtual agent

Optimize Digital Experience

Optimize Digital Experience

Engage with your clients at the right time with the right message and help them complete their interactions seamlessly thanks to context and history handoff.

Repeatable Across Channels.

Repeatable Across Channels

Build conversational models once using the same natural language engine, deploy across multiple channels for a consistent, more satisfying experience everywhere.


Integrate automated help with
your mobile experience.


Help your customers complete the journey
with proactive and intuitive engagement.

The [24]7 AIVA for Digital Advantage

More Control Plus Deeper Insights
Engage Customers and Resolve Problems in Self-Serve Channels

Proactively engage consumers and resolve more customer interactions—from simple questions to complex transactions—within automated self-serve channels.

Deliver Natural Conversational Support

[24]7 AIVA applies the world’s most advanced natural language technology to deliver automated support just like your best human agent.

Frictionless Engagement

Predict customer behavior for smarter intuitive engagement that drives a frictionless, pleasant interaction every time.

Integrate with Live Chat

Tightly knit with [24]7 Chat means your virtual agent can seamlessly escalate to a live agent with context so customers never have to start over.

See the Big Picture

Leverage a common view of customer journeys and behavior across channels to gain insight into points of failure and opportunities to extend automation.

Transform Customer Engagement Through Intent

Leverage customer intent, data, and context intelligently so tasks can be started in one channel and completed effortlessly in another.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers

[24] algorithms continuously train with data from other channels as well as human conversations to better anticipate needs for more accurate responses.

Invest Once, Extend Anywhere

Deploy a single conversational Virtual Agent/chatbot solution on all your digital channels, including IVR, to maximize consumer ability to self-serve.


Chat conversations per year
used to train AIVA for
accurately predicting customer


More customer journeys
automated than basic chatbots


Approximate reduction in
phone, chat, and email

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What’s New with [24]7 AIVA?

More Control Plus Deeper Insights
  • Empathetic AI Detects and Acts on Sentiment

    [24]7 AIVA enhanced conversational capabilities with sentiment allows AIVA to fully understand and proactively react to human emotion. [24]7 AIVA can answer empathetically and escalate to a human agent when needed.

  • Start New Conversations

    Extend voice capabilities and start new conversations with [24]7 AIVA support for Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions. Plus, Content Manager for Voice gives brands an easy way to create and edit conversational dialogues for digital and voice channels in a single interface.

  • Customize Content & Control the Conversation

    You already know you can trust [24]7 AIVA to get the right message across when engaging with your customers. Now you can also choose to take control of your customer experience by customizing response content and organizing intents yourself. Our new tools make it easy.

  • Natural Language Modeling Made Easy

    Your company’s unique natural language model helps [24]7 AIVA for Digital understand what your customers are trying to do, and help them get it done fast. Gain transparency and control over the creation, tuning and ongoing training of Natural Language models used to predict customer intent. Faster, easier and more accurately.

  • Insights You Can See, Understand & Apply

    Every customer contact tells you something about your business, but looking at the big picture can be a challenge—even with all the data available today. [24]7 AIVA for Digital is making it easier to understand what your customers are trying to do and say by providing enterprise-grade analytics with clear visual reports. Gain valuable insights into your customer experiences, identify “hot spots” for immediate action and put that information to work.

  • Build Once. Deploy Anywhere. Get Ahead.

    [24]7 AIVA uses a common language model across digital and voice, allowing enterprises to build once and deploy easily across any self-service channel. Combine with the [24]7 Customer Engagement Cloud to manage seamless journeys across self- and assisted-sales and service channels.

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