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AIVA Virtual Agent

[24]7 AIVA Virtual Agent

Meet the Near-Human Virtual Agent

It understands intent. It learns from every interaction. And it makes self-service effortless. The leading enterprise virtual agent reinvents your customer experience using natural language to boost first contact resolution (FCR) and reduce costs.

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AIVA Conversational IVR

[24]7 AIVA Conversational IVR

Just Speak Naturally

Most user journeys begin online, so being web aware helps callers get things done faster. Increase efficiency and satisfaction with a conversational IVR that uses natural language, automates self service, and offers human help via chat or voice if needed.

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Intelligent agents will directly influence 10% of all purchase decisions.

Forrester, Predictions 2018: A Year of Reckoning


Transforming Customer Engagement


in enterprise chatbot/virtual agent ratings and deployments


successful virtual agent and conversational IVR deployments in global enterprises


languages and dialects supported over multiple channels and devices


reduction in operational costs while boosting CX and NPS

understand what your customers mean, not just what they say

What Makes AIVA Better?

AI so advanced, it’s almost human.

Real Machine Intelligence, Not Just Rules

Simple chatbots are everywhere for a reason. They claim AI, but don’t extend beyond simple FAQ interactions. Real machine intelligence understands consumer intent, empowers natural conversations, and leverages deep learning and turn-key industry journeys to enable better experiences from day 1, period.

Smart Enough to Collaborate with a Human Agent

Handing off to a human agent was just the first phase. Now AIVA is the only virtual assistant that can retrieve one piece of data from a human agent while the customer waits briefly, get what it needs and continue the dialogue. The customer gets served, the increased ability boosts containment and leverages the best of human agents.

Self-Learning is Here with [24]7 AIVA

Read analyst reviews. AIVA is starting to deploy self-learning tools that leverage automated deep learning to truly systematize the discovery of customer intent and specific journeys. The scope and speed dwarfs engineered models with 10X results and real-time scalability. Just ask for a demo.

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Simply Better Self Service

Help customers help themselves—faster and more efficiently. Serves customer needs on any channel at any time.

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#1 Ranked Enterprise Virtual Agent

Opus and Forrester both rank [24]7 AIVA as a leader in chatbots/virtual assistants.

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Easy, Intuitive Conversations

Reinvent your voice with an IVR that talks like a person, anticipates intent, and makes self service simple.

understand what your customers mean, not just what they say

[24]7 AIVA

Help Customers Help Themselves
  • AI with an EQ: Near Human Virtual Agents

    Help customers help themselves with advanced natural language to understand what they mean, not just what they say—in 20 languages and dialects. Anticipate customer needs and offer the right response at the right time.

  • Reimagine IVR with AI-Powered Speech

    Understanding tone, accent, and dialect with 95% speech recognition accuracy decreases unnecessary transfers to human agents and helps customers get what they need. Contain more calls to lower cost channels with IVR2Chat and enhance IVR interactions with rich visual content to make it easier for customers to do things like compare products or approve charges.

  • Unparalleled Intent Prediction

    Nearly 70% of user interactions begin online, enabling AIVA to more accurately predict intent and engage with context from the start. It improves the experience. If a customer needs to transfer to a human agent, AIVA transfers the context too so they never have to start over. Because every moment matters.

  • AI and Deep Learning Empower Better Customer Experiences

    Your customers don’t need to hear about the technology such as machine learning, speech-to-text or ADR. They just enjoy the benefits of simpler, more intuitive user experiences. Conversational dialogues in text or voice, without those old-school decision trees, boost containment, FCR, and NPS.

  • Build Once, Deploy Anywhere, and Scale with Ease

    [24]7 AIVA uses a universal model across digital and voice, allowing enterprises to build once and deploy easily across any channel. Pre-built, out-of-the-box journeys, advanced AI, and a development toolkit with a full suite of tools puts you in control. The result is seamless CX across self- and assisted-sales and service channels.


Just Speak Naturally

[24]7 AIVA conversational IVR combines web behavior and AI in a modern, self-service user experience.

Intuitive Digital and Voice Tools

Multiple AIVA tools, each with digital and voice options, provide more control over the content and valuable user insights in a simple, intuitive layout.

  • Customized Content
  • Manage Models
  • Analyze Journeys

The full AIVA suite of tools enables clients to learn about user requests and preferences and actually
take more control over the user experience.


Large Telecom Leverages [24]7 AIVA to Transform Digital CX


self-service adoption of automated customer journeys


projected first year’s savings


customer base for a leading telecom company


calls previously sent to human agents now contained and resolved via IVR2Chat


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