October 2019 Release

Enrich Messaging with Industry Leading Conversational AI.

Take Messaging to the next level

Consumer expectations are changing – they want simple, straightforward ways to reach companies to get things done. It’s now easier than ever to provide the experiences they want today and enhance them as expectations change tomorrow. Add new messaging channels, build models once and deploy to any messaging and speech channel, reduce fraud, and modify intent models without ever having to code.


Easier for Customers

Consumers today want to choose how, when, and where they connect with businesses. Meet your customers on their channel of choice with easy integration of emerging channels through open channel RESTful API. [24]7.ai's leadership in Conversational AI predicts consumer intent, intelligently routes context to a bot or agent, and drives rich messaging experiences to improve CSAT.

Easier for Enterprises

Your customer expectations are changing. Evolve with them by leveraging intuitive tools to quickly modify intent models, understand sentiment in messaging environments, and integrate with 3rd party models to increase NPS and brand loyalty. Save time and money by protecting your IVR against fraud, and with a single click, add Speech intent models to easily deploy across digital messaging and speech channels.

Deflect Calls With One Click

Intercept calls and make Messaging your first point of contact with Google RCS and Apple Business Chat. Easy, click-to-message on Google search deflects calls and lets customers engage in their most preferred communication channel. Apple now offers Business Chat Suggest, allowing enterprises to prompt consumers the option to communicate on iMessage when they tap the call button.


Support for Google TensorFlow, Google Dialogflow, and IBM Watson

Integrate [24]7.ai conversational AI and NLU technology with models from Google TensorFlow, Google Dialogflow, and IBM Watson through open API, improving your existing model structure and providing more options to meet consumer demands.

Conversational AI

Build Once with Model Builder, Deploy Across All Channels

Natural feeling conversations keep customers happy and help drive revenue. Developers and non-technical teams can create, view, and modify intent models in a single UI for all messaging channels, and with one click, add any model to Speech or IVR channels, driving AI and workflow efficiencies to quickly implement better customer experiences.

Build Once

Any Channel Today and Tomorrow

Now you can integrate any third-party messaging channel to work seamlessly with [24]7 AIVA and [24]7 Chat—no platform changes required. Through open channel RESTful APIs, you have greater flexibility to launch new channels and apps at any time. It’s never been easier to meet your customers where they are, today, and in the future.

Continuous Journeys

Complete Messaging Experience

Conversations that stop and start are unproductive. 63% of consumers return within five minutes if their inquiries are not resolved. Ensure your customers get the best experience across interactions and channels, at any given time, by intelligently routing context to the best bot or agent so they don't have to start their journey all over again.

Intelligent Routing

Chat Widget on Salesforce CRM

The time agents spend switching back and forth between their agent console and CRM system is costing you money. Now, you can integrate a simple version of the [24]7 Chat console into the Salesforce CRM with a Chat Widget. Helping agents stay focused contains costs, boosts productivity, improves customer service, and keeps customers happy.

Salesforce Integration

Call Verification Reduces Costs

Call spoofing costs companies millions of dollars each year. Now, you can verify every incoming call—without frustrating your customers. Call Verification on [24]7 AIVA for IVR analyzes data against a one-of-a kind map of 3 million pathways to instantly verify callers, and uses ANI spoofing to prevent fraud without increasing AHT or cost per call. Save time and money, while increasing the chances of contained resolution.


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