May 04, 2021

[24]7 Agent Assist Integrates with Google Contact Center AI

Emil Xavier
By Emil Xavier

Product Manager, [24]7 Assist

In a previous blog, “AI for Contact Centers = Better Customer Experiences,” I described a new feature in our [24]7 Digital Assist™ product: [24]7 Agent Assist™. This ground-breaking technology assists customer service agents, enabling them to drive more productive, context-aware, and personalized conversations than ever before.

[24]7 Agent Assist draws on any of three recommendation engines, one of which is Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) Agent Assist. In this blog, I’ll dive into the ways [24]7 Agent Assist and Google CCAI are integrated—and how integrating the world’s leading platforms for conversational AI and the enterprise cloud empowers CX agents to create better customer experiences.

Google CCAI Integration: Functional Benefits

[24]7 Digital Assist customers who use Google CCAI Agent Assist for a recommendation engine gain access to a diverse range of information sources. These sources are already leveraged in Dialogflow virtual agent solutions through the [24]7.ai integration with Google CCAI’s Smart Reply, FAQ Assist, and Doc Assist features.

This integration enables companies to discover, access, and use the right information from various knowledge sources. It automatically provides client-curated smart replies and real-time, step-by-step assistance without involving an agent in a search, and it gathers information from brand-approved knowledge sources, both structured and unstructured.

[24]7 Agent Assist Integrates with Google Contact Center AI

Integrating Agent Assist and Google CCAI Agent Assist increases agent effectiveness by:

  • Surfacing relevant documents while agents converse with customers
  • Analyzing archived data—including call recordings and chat logs—that reveal themes and keywords for quickly diagnosing customer concerns
  • Providing contextual, next-best response recommendations to accelerate service

Google Contact Center AI makes it easy for enterprises—especially those with limited AI expertise—to deploy AI in their contact centers. Its integration with [24]7 Agent Assist essentially gives Google CCAI customers an out-of-the-box solution.

Google CCAI Integration: How Agents Use It

Agents using [24]7 Agent Assist with Google Contact Center AI as the recommendation engine provide better customer service via the following:

  • Knowledge Assistance via FAQ Assist and Doc Assist

Surfaces useful articles and FAQ answers from semi-structured knowledge sources to help human agents serve customers quickly.

  • Smart Reply

Suggests chat responses using conversation context.

Google CCAI Integration: Step by Step

  1. [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™, our conversational AI platform, manages conversations between customers and agents.
  2. [24]7.ai sends messages to Google CCAI for processing via APIs.
  3. Google CCAI Agent Assist analyzes conversations to identify intents and relevant knowledge content, and suggest responses.
  4. Google CCAI Agent Assist sends analysis and suggestions in an API response.
[24]7 Agent Assist Integrates with Google Contact Center AI

Google CCAI Integration: Business Benefits

Boost CSAT and NPS: Put relevant information at the agents’ fingertips so they resolve issues faster and personalize conversations for an elevated CX that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve First Contact Resolution: Automatically route queries based on priority, as well as agent skill and availability, to solve more issues in the first conversation.

Drive sales conversions: Predictive algorithms combine with quick access to customer context, enabling agents to make personalized recommendations that increase sales and revenue.

Take the Next Step

Even the best-trained agents need a little help—and the right technology makes a big difference to how well they serve customers. [24]7 Digital Assist with Agent Assist is the right investment for building the resourceful and motivated human capital crucial to success.

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